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Is Exness a reliable broker? For Forex traders, the reliability and comfort will always be relevant when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. Exness offers several options for depositing and withdrawing: making them directly in the office of a company, bank transfer, bank cards, and electronic payment systems (EPS).

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Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. Exness traders can make deposits and withdrawals from an account of operations using a large amount of electronic payment systems. Exness works virtually with traders of all parts of the world, and every one of them should be able to choose the EPS that best suits your needs of Forex. 

Using the advantages of electronic payment systems and seamlessly providing traders with the best conditions, Exness has become the only Forex broker on the world that offers customers something unique: automatic withdrawal from a trading account. This service means that any Exness customer may withdraw funds from a trading account to an electronic wallet only a few seconds after requesting their withdrawal. 

Taking out your money is fully automated. Operations are completed without the need of involving specialists from the Department of Finance, which ensures that the employees of Exness will not interfere with the process in any way. Any client can instantly withdraw their profits to their wallets. There is nothing that compares to this service. No other company in Forex is prepared to use a model for payments like this.

exness is good broker

Today, online newspapers are full of stories about how many firms are delaying payments to their customers using implausible pretexts, but the specialists in Exness have solved this problem. The only requirement is that the funds are collected at the same electronic purse from which the account was supplied. If the deposits have been made from different payment systems, the withdrawals must be made in proportion to the amounts of deposits. The Exness specialists work tirelessly to improve the system of automatic withdrawal.

Approximately, 98% of the withdrawal requests are processed automatically.  Check Exness trading volume

The instant withdrawal service is one of the most obvious signs of the reliability of Exness, because it gives your customers access 24 hours a day to the funds from their accounts of operations. Tens of thousands of traders from all over the world have already valued this ability. By staying with Exness, it is possible to continue raising the heights of professional expertise.

Considering the wishes of their customers, Exness has gone even further by eliminating the commissions in the deposits and withdrawals from the electronic payment systems more popular (Webmoney, Perfect Money, Neteller, Skrill, etc). And, that’s a clear sign of how committed Exness is with providing a good service for their customers. Not many companies go out of their way and hinder their profits just to provide a better experience. As well, to optimize their interactions with the electronic payment systems, Exness has created the unique model for deposits and withdrawals we already talked about. The reduction of the cost of the client in all possible ways is the heart of this model. The aforementioned automatic withdrawal of funds, which is one of the main components of this model, it is a superb addition to the list of conditions that Exness offers to its customers.

Is It Safe? Is Exness a scam?

Exness group is licensed by the supervisor of Cyprus, also known as CySEC, a body known in the field of business to regulate and supervise the activities of various Forex at a global level.

This broker is a member of the Compensation Fund for investors, which is responsible for protecting and guaranteeing the claims of customers and paid their money back in the event that the Exness broker may not be able to meet payments and financial debts.

Types of Exness accounts

This broker offers four different account types that are tailored to the needs of its customers, in accordance with the convenience of the customer with respect to the plans available it is possible to select one of them, and then we will explore the options. Learn how to open an Exness account now.

Exness Standard Cent account

In the case of opening a Standard Cent account, there is no Standardmum deposit required.

So, the customer is able to open the account with an insignificant amount of money. In addition, it offers a leverage that goes from 1 to infinity and the rate of spread is 0.3. If you are opening a Standard Cent account, commissions will depend on the volume of transactions.

See more information about Standard Cent account here.

Exness Standard account

This type of account is similar to the previous account in that it does not require a Standardmum deposit; you can start with the amount you prefer and it offers a leverage that goes from 1 to infinity. Exness spreads of the Standard account are 0.3 but does not charge any commissions by volume of operations.

See more information about Standard account here.

Exness Pro account

This account is for those who have greater experience in the world of finance, since opening this type of account requires a Standardmum deposit of $2000. Its leverage also goes from 1 to infinity.

In the case of the Pro accounts, the spread goes from 0.1 and, like the previous one, it does not charge any commissions by volume of operations.

See more the information about Pro account here.

Exness Zero account

This type of account is average. It’s ideal for those who have little or a moderate knowledge of the CFD broker, but who wish to begin to invest modest sums of money. The Standardmum deposit of this account is $300 and the Leverage up to 1:200.

In the case of this account, the spread goes from 0.0 and the commissions depend on the volume, following the ratio of 25 USD per million.

See more information about Zero account here.

Exness Demo account

This broker offers to its customers an extra option, designed especially for new investors, and it’s to open a test account. This lets the user choose between a Standard, Pro, or Zero account, for a finite time, so the client can decide whether or not to continue with the services offered by the broker.


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