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Among all forex brokers, I prefer trading on Exness. Because Exness has a very enthusiastic and quick local support team. In addition, the Exness broker has extremely low spreads and many different accounts depending on the trading strategies of each trader. Another advantage of the Exness forex platform is the instant withdrawal. A reason that many traders afraid to trade in Exness is that the registration procedure is too complicated. So today I’m writing this article to guide you in detail how to create Exness accounts.

Firstly, I will classify the account types in Exness

There are two main types of accounts at Exness: Demo and Real. As you can see below, there are 3 types of demo accounts and 4 types of real accounts. Most traders create Standard accounts to trade demo and real transaction.

Standard Cent account: This is the most basic account for beginners of forex trading. This account does not have a minimum deposit limit. The amount you deposit will be multiple to 100 times, and the minimum order is 0.01 lot. This is considered the lowest trading volume in all brokers, so it is very convenient for beginners.

View Standard Cent account details >> Here

Standard Account: This account also has many advantages over other brokers since there is no minimum deposit limit. Low spread and 1: 2000 applied leverage are advantages of Exness.

View Standard account details >> Here

Pro Account: This Exness account is mainly for medium investors. The minimum deposit of Pro account is $2000. This account is better than Standard because of low spread. Pro account’s spread is 30% lower than Standard.

View Pro account details >> Here

Zero account: This account applies to medium and large investors. For this account, the spread is almost 0 pip. They only charge $25 commission for $1 million transaction. This is a very low commission compare to other brokers. So if you invest a lot of money, the Exness Zero account is the right choice for you.

View Zero account details >> Here

I will guide you how to create an account on Exness

Click here to start creating an account: Create account

After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the Exness account page. In this article, I will guide you how to create Exness accounts (real only) because the other account types also have the same creation way. There are 4 different types of real accounts, and most people create Standard accounts because they have the most promotion and no minimum deposit.

Please fill in the required information.

Note: All information must be true. If you do not fill in the information correctly, you will not be able to deposit and withdraw money. At this stage, Exness is the most aggressive broker among those that I have traded on. The purpose of getting customers to fill in information is for protecting their customers when there is a grievance and to against money laundering. Now Exness procedure is easier than 6 months ago when if you deposit an exceeded amount, Exness would put you into suspected money laundering and may be banned for a period of time to investigate. But do not worry, because exceeded money here means a few million dollars each deposit. If you deposit a few hundred or a few thousand, they do not care.

After entering all the information and click on the registration, Exness will send to your email the code as shown below:

You copy the code into the "Confirm email address" and you check the phone message. Exness will send a code to your phone like e-banking messages. Enter this code in the "Confirm phone number" box.

After entering the activation code, you will be directed to the page as shown below.

Make sure you choose security with your phone because security by email is less secured than SMS. Many people get confused at this step. Because Exness has 4 different types of passwords, you need to enter.

Personal area password: This password is the most important ones. Only you know it. If you reveal this password, you may lose money in the account because any person with this password can manipulate everything in your account.

Intestor password: In case there are many forex investors giving money to you to trade, you can give them this password, so they’re able to see their transactions. Investors can not withdraw money through this password. They can only view your transactions.

Trading password: If you are an investor, but you do not trade directly, you entrust some professional traders to trade on behalf of you. Now you need to this trading password. You give the trading password to the trader that you trust. With this pass, the trader can trade to make profit on Exness, but they can not withdraw money. Only you can withdraw money.

Phone password: When you need technical support from Exness for information related to your account, you need to give them this password.

I like Exness because of this feature. Extremely high security and various types of passwords depend on your investment strategy.

Now you have completed the account registration process at Exness.

To start investing, you will need to login to your Exness account here

After logging in, you will see the image below. Notice the word: Transactions and Testing. If you click on the “+” sign in the account, it will create a real transaction account. If you click on Trial section, it will create Demo account (test).

After clicking on the “+” sign, you will be directed to the page as shown below:

Normally I would create a Standard Exness account as most Exness promotions only apply to Standard accounts. After clicking “Open account” you will go to the page as below:

You will select the leverage and currency of the account at this step. Normally, I would choose 1: 2000 leverage and USD account. Next, you will click “Next”.

You fill the investor password and transaction password as I have instructed above and click “Open account”. Now you have completed the entire step to how to create Exness accounts.

Wish you have a good forex trading at Exness. Opening an account on Exness social trading platform is just the same. Click the link to learn more.


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