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Sep 26, 2019

BRKV Forex was founded in 2018 by a group of professional forex traders. It was built with a sole purpose: to equip traders from all over the world with esensial forex knowledge and secrets that can help them trade safely and profitably in this market.

With that in mind, BRKV experts have designed a well-arranged website with valuable and professional information about different topics. From forex brokers to forex strategies, we are confident that you can find what you need to succeed on this website.


In 2018, BRKV was founded by Fanara Filippo, an experienced trader in the forex market. After 5 years of trading, he has figured out the problems that most traders would encounter while trading. So he set up this website in order to help other traders on their journey to succeed in this market. Moreover, he reached out to his fellow forex traders so that the site can have the most expert opinions as possible.

fanara filippo

BRKV Missions

At BRKV, we believe that the best tool for a forex trader is knowledge. Without knowledge, you can never succeed in this market. And we want to provide you with that tool. Our offer comes from the knowledge and experience of many forex traders that have been active in this field for many years. Their insight and experience is not something you can find easily on the Internet. So, when you come to BRKV Forex, you have found the source of the best knowledge there is and we share this information completely free.

The reason why many traders decided to choose BRKV Forex as their partner is simple. BRKV Forex is a review site that has proven their credibility and professionalism in the industry. Their reviews are informative, helpful, and unbiased. They tackle on the hottest and most searched topic by forex traders. Here are some examples:

1. Top 10 forex brokers in the world

trusted forex brokers

2. Top 5 best forex brokers

top forex brokers

3. Exness reviews

exness reviews

4. The biggest forex brokers

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5. The best ECN brokers

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6. The lowest spread brokers

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7. The best welcome bonus 

best welcome bonus

8. The best forex brokers for beginners

best forex brokers for beginners

9. Exness bonus

exness bonus

10. The best forex brokers in Thailand

best forex brokers in Thailand

BRKV Experts

Mario Draghi expert

Greetings. I am Mario Draghi, the name you should have all known of by now. If not, what the hell you are doing here? Currently, I’m cooperating with BRKV Forex to write reviews on forex brokers. You know that forex brokers play a vital role in the success of a trader. That’s why you need someone who have years of trading experience and deep knowledge on the market. I’m confident to bring that to the table. You can trust me on that. And as for now, expect my articles on more topics in upcoming days. I want to help you to be as successful as I am. I’m ready to share with you all of my knowledge and secrets from my days of trading forex.

mario draghi

Peter Pan expert

Not only Mr. Mario, there is another expert in town. Mr. Peter Pan, graduated from Havard university, is a professional forex trader that has also worked for the top forex brokers for many years. He knows their secrets and the way to beat the system. With his one-of-the-kind insight and experience, you surely are in good hands.

Peter Pan