Bonus up to $16 when trading at Exness (expired soon)

Why is this Exness bonus so hot now?

BRKV - Exness’ spread is very notoriously low. If you used to trade forex at Exness, you will recognize spread of Standard account ranging from 0.3 to 1.1 pip. It means that you have to pay from 3 to 11$ for per lot transaction. And if you sign up for this bonus program, in each lot you will be refunded by Exness from 2 to 16$ depending on currency pairs. Therefore, if you register this bonus program and trading at Exness, the spread at is considered to be the lowest one in the market and you do not have to pay extra fees. See Exness spreads here. 

exness bonus review

BRKV - It is so hot because you just need to create a Standard account now and receive bonus forever. You can create an account now without having to trade. Assuming 5 months later, you start to trade, you could still receive the bonus. And remember that Exness does not offer bonus programs frequently. So this the best opportunity for you to register an Exness bonus account. Create a Standard account at this link to get a bonus.