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In the world of professional forex trading, choosing a good trading account is very important. If you think you are experienced enough and want to play with the big boys now, you must choose your professional account carefully. That’s why today we want to introduce one of the best professional accounts in the market, Exness Pro account.

This account used to be called Exness Classic account. But due to a recent change-over at Exness, the account got a new, better name: Exness Pro account. Let’s see how it fits perfectly for professional traders.

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Exness Pro account

Features of Exness Pro account

Do you know that, for most professional accounts, you have to deposit at least $1000 to start? Well, Exness knows about this concern of traders, so their minimum deposit rate for this account is only $200, five times cheaper than other big brokers.

This account has super low spread, only from 0.1 pip. Not many big forex brokers as Exness can offer spreads this low. Moreover, it is totally commission-free and there aren't any hidden fees of any kind as well.

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Next, Exness Pro account has the highest leverage, which leads to higher margin trader benefits. Hence, you can keep your order active with more free margin. The highest leverage applicable for this account is 1:Unlimited, the exclusive features of Exness. Their minimum lot size is the standard 0.01 lot.

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Moreover, this Exness account type has instant order execution. Plus, the server of Exness is very powerful. That’s the reason why there’s hardly any slippages at Exness. (Slippage is when you have to trade at a different price from the one you entered because the broker takes too long to execute your order hence the market price has changed).

For customers in Muslim countries, Exness Pro account has the swap-free feature. That means you can keep your positions open overnight without being charged of anything.

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Finally, you will be supported by local languages. As the complication of Forex trading, this is very important for beginners. There is no doubt that you will raise tons of questions that only your language speakers are able to help you. There are many languages supported by Exness, including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Malaysia, Arabian, Russian and English... If you can speak one of those languages, this is the best for you.

Why should we trade with Exness?

First of all, the thing professional traders care about the most is the reliability of a broker. Exness has got this covered. They are currently the biggest forex broker in the world. Their last month’s trading volume is 785 billion dollars. To give you a perspective, their main competitors only have 300 to 400 billion. So you can see how much people are trading at Exness.

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In addition, local payments methods and banking are available for your deposit or withdrawal instantly. It is easy and convenient, especially for professionals, who want things as fast as possible.

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Last but not least, Exness is famous for their transparency. There is no other broker who posts their financial reports on their site like Exness. You can check for yourself how Exness is performing and how they protect customers’ funds. 

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Open Exness Pro account

Exness Pro account can be opened via this link. An email address and active phone number are required to open a Pro account. It takes you less than one minutes to register, as easy as it is.

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