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As you may know, Exness became the biggest retail forex broker on the world since 3 March 2017. They went over Forexcom ($300 bln). The 10 years old broker got the highest growth rate since end of 2016 because they did many improvements. Exness changes their strategy to focus on professional traders. They no longer offer welcome bonus which new traders like. They spent a lot of money to improve trading conditions such as: improving execution speed, lower spread, more stable server, reduce gaps,… Because of these improvements, Exness get more and more big traders. So, they got the highest growth rate last 2 years: 50% annually. Last March, they got the highest trading volume again and reach new milestone: $375 bln. This achievement increased the gaps among Exness and competitors. Now, their trading volume is triple FxPro, double FXCM! This is one of the reasons to trade at Exness.

You can check their trading volume report here

Why professional traders like Exness broker?

Exness is the most reliable forex broker

It’s true. During last 10 years, they got very good reputation. They haven’t had any scam report. They even paid more than $17mln for traders who got loss because of CHF event in 2015. So, if you ask Exness’ trader, they will appreciate Exness reputation. Moreover, they are the biggest forex broker because professional traders like their trading conditions. Why most of big traders like them but you? Besides, Exness’ fund is $214,9mln. And their clients fund is $42mln. So, their fund is 5 times their clients’ fund. This is really good number. Because they have enough fund to pay you whatever happen.

You can check their fund report here

Exness highest trading

Exness offers low spread

For ECN account: their spread is nearly zero. And they only charge $2.5 commission per lot. This is the lowest commission for ECN account on the market. Besides, They get quotes from 4 liquidity providers for their ECN account. So, their quotes are the best: stable and low spread.

Check their ECN spread here

For normal accounts, Exness offers 3 account types. Classic account is the best option for professional traders because of best trading conditions. Their spread is from 0.1 for EURUSD and there aren’t commission. This is also the lowest spread. But to open Classic account, you have to deposit at least $2000.

Check Classic spread here.

Exness offers instant payment system

Payment system is a big concern. Because some scam brokers try to block traders withdraw money by many complicated conditions. And sometime, it will take you up to 2 weeks to withdraw. But, Exness is different. They are the first broker offers instant payment system. This means that you can get your money within seconds. And human won’t involve to this process. There isn’t complicated condition to withdraw. Your money is your money. So, you deserve to get it instantly.

Check Exness payment system here

Safer fund

Exness put all clients fund to a segregated bank account. This account is independent from Exness account. So, if there is something happen to Exness, your fund will be safe in segregated account. And you can get your fund safely.

Moreover, Exness deposited $214,9mln in their bank account. This amount is 5 times higher than all clients fund. So, it’s extremely safe. Whatever happen, they will pay you!

Exness offers high speed execution and low gaps.

Before 2015, their server is quite bad. There are a lot of requotes and gaps. End of 2015, Exness invested a lot of money to improve their servers. So now, their execution speed is the fastest now. I just do a real time check and found that: Exness execution speed is 8 times faster than XM, 9 times faster than FBS.

After their improvement, gap seldom happen. This is one of the reason why professional traders like Exness.

Unlimited leverage – Zero margin requirement

New traders will think: Higher leverage, riskier. But professional traders think: it’s safer to use higher leverage. The point here is: you use high leverage but still keep low order value. The higher leverage, the lower margin. The lower margin, the higher free margin. So, you will have more free margin to keep your orders open.

Check Exness unlimited leverage here

Exness is the best forex broker in the market now. There is no reason to choose other brokers. Let's create a Exness account and check Exness trading conditions now. It’s free.


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