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As we have discussed many times on BRKV, there are 3 levels of forex trader: beginner, normal trader, and professional traders. Each trader will need different features from their brokers because the ways they trade and the strategies they use are different. Today we want to focus on the highest level of forex trading, so we’d like to introduce the most suitable account for them: Exness Zero account.

This account used to be called Exness ECN account. But due to a recent change-over at Exness, the account got a new name: Exness Zero account, with the aim to emphasize that it has 0 spread. Let’s see how it fits perfectly for expert traders.

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Exness Zero account

Advantages of Exness Zero account

Do you know that, for most ECN accounts, you have to deposit at least $1000 to start? Well, Exness knows about this concern of traders, so their minimum deposit rate for this account is only $200, five times cheaper than other big brokers.

Trading ECN means that there is no spread. So how does forex brokers make money when people trade ECN? Well, they charge commission. Exness commission is $7. This is one of the lowest rates in the market. Most brokers at the scale of Exness will charge you $8 to $10 per lot when you trade their ECN accounts. Exness Zero account only charges 7 dollars for every completed lot.

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Next, Exness Zero account has the lowest margin and the highest leverage. Therefore, you would have to pay less margins to maintain your orders to be opened without any cost. Their minimum lot size is the standard 0.01 lot. You can open up to 200 lots.

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Moreover, Exness execution speed for this account is exceptional. ECN traders hate slippages, and the only way to avoid slippages is high execution speed. So, Exness Zero account is the most suitable for them.

Very much like the Pro account, Exness Zero account offers no-swap feature for Muslim customers.

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Why Exness Zero account is suitable for EAs?

Because all variables of Zero account is fixed, from spread to commission. EAs work best when everything is guaranteed. You just program the details of Exness Zero account into your forex EA and then it will trade automatically for you.

Why is so good about Exness?

First of all, the reliability of a broker has always been the top priority of professional traders when they choose a broker. And Exness is very well reliable. They are regulated by FCA and CySEC. Moreover, Exness is currently the largest forex broker in the industry. One of their recent monthly trading volumes is more than $700 billion. That is triple of their main competitors’ numbers. Big brokers like Exness are more trustworthy than small ones.

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The payment of Exness is simple as traders could easily withdraw or deposit through local banks and local payment methods. Moreover, it is super fast. Thanks to the fully automated deposit/withdrawal system, transactions can be done in just seconds. This is the main reason why experts love Exness.

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Last but not least, Exness will support you with your local languages. A lot of questions will be asked because forex trading is very complex. If a speaking supporter is available, your feedback will be responded to immediately. Exness supports many countries in their local languages such as: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and English-speaking countries… So, it's the perfect environment for you if you speak these languages.

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From the features mentioned above, we are sure that Exness Zero account is one of the most suitable accounts for professional forex traders and experts. If you want to step up in forex trading, Exness Zero account is the top choice.

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