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Exness commission is the cost you pay to Exness when choosing a spread free trade. Who among us doesn't like to trade with instant execution (zero spread) right? However, in order to trade with no such spread, we have to pay the broker another fee called a commission. And in the world's reputable forex brokers, Exness commissions are among the lowest in the market. Read the following article to learn more about Exness commissions and transaction costs at this forex broker.

Who is Exness?

Exness, full name is Exness Group, is an online forex trading service company founded in 2008. They provide their clients with a platform to trade forex online. Customers only need to go to the website and create an Exness account to start participating in the forex market.

Exness commission

Exness is licensed by two major organizations, the FCA and CySEC. In addition, they are audited by Deloitte, the world's leading auditing firm.

Currently, Exness provides a wide range of trading assets besides forex pairs such as stocks, indices, virtual currencies, metals, energy... to clients all over the world.

Exness broker’s trading cost

Like many other forex brokers, Exness charges a fee for their services. Basically, a forex broker will make money from two main sources, spread and commission.

When receiving quotes from account providers, forex brokers will add a fee to it and that fee is called the spread. The unit of spread is pip.

Exness trading cost

When a customer chooses to trade a spread-free account, the broker will switch to collecting a commission for each successful transaction of the customer. The commission fees of the top reputable forex brokers will range from 5 to 20 dollars.

In addition to the above two main fees, the broker will collect other fees such as swap fees or account maintenance fees... These extra fees are regulated by the broker itself.

How much is Exness commission?

For each successfully traded lot, Exness will collect traders from $5 (depending on the asset class). As you can see, this is the lowest fee of this forex market.

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You can see the table comparing Exness commissions with other reputable forex brokers of the same size:

      Commission per lot   
Exness $5
XM $7
HotForex $6
FBS $20
Forex.com $10
FxPro $45
    Pepperstone     $7
Saxo Bank $15

Does Exness have hidden fees?

When trading the spread free account (Zero account), the client only has to pay for the Exness commission. Other than that fee, Exness collects no other hidden costs. I have 5 years experience trading with this forex broker and I can vouch for it.

Thanks to the absence of any hidden costs, professional traders love to trade Exness Zero accounts. That can be proven by the fact that Exness is the forex broker with the largest average monthly trading volume in the world.

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So after this article, you already know how much Exness commission is. If you are looking for a reputable, high-quality forex broker with low transaction fees, Exness is the ideal choice for you. What are you waiting for? Open an Exness account today!


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