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Have you ever heard of the Exness demo account MT4 and MT5? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity to experience one of the best trading conditions in the forex market for free. Let’s dive in and learn everything about this demo account of Exness.

Exness demo account MT4 and MT5

What is demo account?

Demo account is a type of account offered by nearly all forex brokers for the purpose of testing clients' trading. When you open a Forex Demo account, you will be given an amount of virtual currency and can use this money to experience the company's services, test trading strategies or test Forex robots without any inconvenience and any risks.

Trading on Demo accounts offers many benefits, such as:

  • You can freely explore the market and experience the services of Forex brokers such as trading platforms, execution speed, spreads, financial products, etc.
  • You can test a variety of trading strategies and styles with absolutely no risk.
  • Demo trading practice is a necessary stepping stone before entering real money trading. Trading with a Demo account will help you streamline your strategy before putting it on the market.

Exness demo account MT4 and MT5

What can you get with Exness demo account MT4 and MT5?

When you open an Exness demo account (which can be demo for any Exness accounts), you can get to experience the follow features of Exness:

  • Exness is one of the reputable forex brokers with the highest leverage today. MT4 accounts have level 1:Unlimited. Meanwhile, the trading account using MT5 software will be 1:2000. You should note, although the biggest leverage Exness offers is 1:Unlimited, but depending on the product and the different deposit amount, there will be different leverage. Accordingly, if the deposit is less than 1000 USD you can enjoy leverage of 1:Unlimited. If the deposit is between 1000 USD and 2999 USD, the maximum leverage is 1:2000. If the deposit is from 3000 USD to 9999 USD, the leverage is only 1:1000.
  • Exness forex spreads offer very competitive. With Zero Spread account type you can enjoy 0 spread for 30 different products 95% of trading time. This is an extremely competitive spread that very few brokers offer like Exness.
  • Commissions are collected by Exness in 2 account types: Zero Spread and Raw Spread from 7 USD or more. For Raw Spread, this will be a fixed commission fee, while the Zero Spread account depending on the product may be higher.
  • For Standard Cent and Standard accounts in Exness, there is no limit on the minimum deposit. You can deposit $10 to practice trading with a Standard Cent account and the minimum trade volume is super small:0.0001 lot USD. The purpose of reducing minimum trading volume for Standard Cent accounts is to help traders try trading strategies as well as EA.
  • Exness has invested heavily in improving server quality and the speed of order execution for its clients. So now, you can rest assured trading at Exness with extremely fast order processing speed and high quality.
  • Deposit and withdrawal speed is the biggest advantage and is the main reason that traders choose Exness. Deposits and withdrawals at Exness are instant and automatic deposits and withdrawals. This means that all deposit and withdrawal procedures are automatic, with no human intervention. So deposit and withdrawal speed is extremely fast.

And you can experience all that for free now if you open a demo account at Exness MT4 and MT5 immediately.


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