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Choosing a low spread broker is important to be success trader. Spread is also the most considering factor for traders to choose a broker. Because spread is trading cost for each position. Example, for 1 pip spread, you have to pay 10$ for brokers. That why the lower spread, the better.

Exness is not the lowest spread broker but their spreads are very competitive. For 5 main currency pairs, Exness spreads are extremely low. They charge lower than 1 pip for main currency pairs  and no hidden cost.

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Are Exness spreads competitive?

Their spreads aren't low for all currency pairs. But they very low and competitive for 5 main currency pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURCHF. It's very easy to check these spreads from Exness website or just creating a Exness account and login to MT4 to check these spreads. These spreads are from 0.3 - 0.8 pip. And they don't charge extra commission. These spreads are low because as usual, other brokers charge around 1 - 2 pips for these currency pairs.

However, this spread varies based on the country where the trader is trading. For example, Exness Thailand is the a whole different story from Exness in US or UK.

Exness charges the lowest spread for cryptocurrency pairs.

At the beginning when they launched Bitcoin trading, they only charge 5 - 6 dollars for each Bitcoin. Sometime, in volatile market, Bitcoin spread is up to $100. But it is still lowest. Other brokers often charge double or triple Exness'. The best thing is Exness doesn't charge swap for trading Bitcoin. So, instead of owning Bitcoin, you can trade Bitcoin long term in Exness.

How about Exness slippages?

Slippages affect to spreads a lot. Slippages can increase spread from 1 pip to 20 pips easily. And slippages also happen in Exness. Slippage happens in all brokers. And as usual, it only happens in volatile market. When the quotes change quickly and widely. Sometime, slippages can be up to hundreds pips and they cause stop loss easily.

Exness slippages are better than other brokers. Their maximum slippages are 20 pips. Because their server speed is fastest. You can easily check their server speed. And i am sure you will find out that it is faster than any broker. That why they can minimize slippages. Finally, i think Exness is a low spread broker that is worth to try.

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Hey, I’m Peter Pan. I am a writer currently resided in Thailand. For my forex experience, I have been trading with many forex brokers from all over the world for 5 years now. I hope that my articles about forex brokers can help you succeed in this market just like me.

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Corona 111

Feb 11 2020

Hello, I’m new to forex and I’m looking for brokers with low spread to start my trades. This site says these are the lowest spread brokers. Yet I find other brokers advertising online that their spread is lower. I’m so confused. Who is telling the truth?


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