If you search Exness, you will see many different websites such as: Exness Asia, Exness.com, Exness.cn,... It’s confused for forex traders first times trading in Exness. So, Is Exness Asia or Exness.com official website in Thailand?

exness asia thailand

Firstly, all these websites are Exness official websites. Account registration in these websites is the same because they sharing same data. So, you can register Exness account in Exness Asia and login to any Exness website. Below are all Exness websites that you can register:

  1. Exness.com
  2. Exness.asia
  3. Exness.cn
  4. Exness.co.id
  5. Exness.web.id

Which is Exness website in Thailand?

Actually, there isn’t dedicated website for Thailand. In Thailand, you can register Exness accounts in both websites: Exness.com and Exness.asia. These 2 websites are similar. Exness.cn is for China market. The other 2 websites are for Indonesia market.

Why does Exness have so many websites?

At the beginning, they only own one website but after that, when they enter different markets, they have to buy the local websites because of that governments requirements. And they also so bought Exness.co.th. But that website isn’t available now. They might launch it soon. And now, just create account in Exness.asia.

Is Exness Asia a good broker in Thailand?

Exness is a very good broker in Thailand and Asia. They just got the biggest retail forex broker position from FXCM last year and keep the growth rate at 35% annually. Most of professional traders like Exness because of excellent trading conditions such as: no trading commission, low Exness spread and commission, fast execution, low slippage, highest leverage and instant payment system,... In Thailand, Exness is the biggest and the best forex broker. Exness has dedicated Thai support, marketing, IB support, sales, event and education center for Thai. After registration, you will get a call from account managers that will help you start trading smoothly. You can call them or ask them to call back to solve all your problems promptly. Their Thai support team is the best. They support traders in Thai and 24/7. You can contact them whenever you want even at weekend. This is the best support team ever that you can not find out in other brokers. Moreover, if you are beginners, you can register to Exness education center. They will teach you how to trade forex freely. And all trainers are forex Experts from EU. If you want to know more about Exness, you can read this Exness quick review article.


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