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XM’s spreads are the differences between the buying and the selling price of an instrument, and XM’s commission are the percentages of XM trade values. These are added to trades that are established when there is an opening or a closing position.

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XM broker

It is one of the uncommon brokers that offer and let you work with both of Meta trader’s platforms, which are MT4 and MT5. The XM spread is nothing more than the cost of each one of the transactions achieved by the trader in the market, of course, the cost can vary from broker to a broker. A pip is defined as the fourth digit after the decimal. When it comes to XM broker, the minimum spread we can find for trading EUR/USD is 1 pip; that is fairly high, compared to the average EUR/USD spread of 0.82 pips. Some firms are going to charge only spreads, and others only commissions, and in some weird cases firms may charge both, the overall sum of charges should be noted.

XM spread

But, in the case of XM broker, it has lower minimum deposits, which means smaller minimum trade requirements and no commission on trades. That means that, in the XM broker, there is no charge of commissions. In its place, this broker makes a profit on the spreads of every trade by themselves. XM shows you that there are consequently no unknown fees and all the gains (and all the losses) made by any trader are completely real. As with most of the brokers, all the spreads will depend upon the trading system and, in fact, the type of account that you are using. You can check how low XM's spread is by comparing it with other forex brokers:

Exness 0.5 pip 0.7 pip 0.7 pip 1 pip 0.9 pip 0.6 pip 0.6 pip
XM 0.8 pip 1.1 pip 1.1 pip 1.5 pip 1.2 pip 1.1 pip 0.8 pip
HotForex 1.2 pip 1.5 pip 1.8 pip 1.9 pip 1.9 pip 1.9 pip 1.7 pip
FXTM 0.8 pip 0.5 pip 0.9 pip   1.1 pip   0.6 pip
FBS 1.1 pip 0.8 pip 0.9 pip 4 pip 3 pip 7 pip 2 pip 1.2 pip 1.2 pip 1.4 pip 3.2 pip 2.3 pip 2 pip 1.2 pip
FxPro 1.1 pip 0.7 pip 1.3 pip 0.7 pip 1.3 pip 1 pip 109 pip
Pepperstone 1.1 pip 1.1 pip 1.4 pip 1.3 pip 1.2 pip 1.4 pip 1.2 pip
Saxo Bank 0.7 pip 0.5 pip 0.8 pip       0.7 pip

The spreads in the XM broker can actually start as low as just one pip. To know the significance of spreads, it is necessary to understand that the asking price will always be higher than the bid price and that difference is banked by the broker, obviously, as a profit. Another thing you should be aware is that an added advantage or benefit in regards to these pips is that the fractional valuing is available; five digits are provided as different to the standard four digits offered in different sites. In our pages, you can find more information to understand in a better way the spreads and the commissions. The fixed and the variable spreads can be chosen by the trader.

XM Ultra Low account

XM has just introduced its all new Ultra Low account (introduced in December 2018). XM’s Ultra Low account has spread as low as 0.8 and completely commission-free. Its leverage is up to 1:888 and it has many more amazing features. You can learn all about Ultra Low account here.

Types of spreads

  • Variable spread: changes in correlation with the market conditions. This type of spread is generally low in times of market inactivity, but during the volatile market, these spreads can expand to 40 or 50 pips (having in mind that, when there is market inactivity, the spreads are in 1 or 2 pips).
  • Fixed spread: this spread is set by some dealings companies for automatically traded accounts.

How do the spreads work?

Let's say we had a USD bid price of 120.00 (the price at which the broker is willing to BUY the USD) and an ask price of 120.07 (that is the price at which the broker is willing to SELL the USD). In that case, the spread is equal to 0.07, or $0.0007, or 7 pips, and that is the money that goes straight into the broker's pockets, that is the money that the broker wins. It is pretty clear that the two principal costs of trading are spreads or commissions, and this trader should establish from their broker what the spreads are if some tradable instrument offered by their firm. The important thing is that, with the XM broker, traders are charged the inactivity fees, but it doesn´t take charges if you pull out fees.

XM commission


The different instruments that are traded through XM broker are:

  • Commodities
  • Gold and silver
  • Stocks
  • Oil
  • Indices
  • CFDs

Another thing to have in mind is that the XM broker takes into account the type of account in which you are trading when calculating spreads. That is because the Mini accounts are normally associated with the higher spreads. This is, of course, because the broker needs to compensate for the reasonably low amount of the capital that is being traded with a higher spread, so as to make any of their profits. Also, it actually doesn't matter where is the spread at any given time, because it symbolizes the cost that would be suffered to open and close a position in that instrument, at that moment, by marking-to-the-market (MTM) the trade at the moment it is recognized (even if the spread changes at the next moment). It is crucial to know that the foreign exchange market is all about the supply and demand, just like any other market. Because, if there is a higher demand for dollars, the value of the dollar will obviously go up in comparison with other currencies.

That is how the XM broker works. The XM broker is an unfailing broker with amazing bonus system and, what is more significant (with all the meaning), is that it owns some trading facilities appropriate for the beginners in the broker and trading world (it also works for advanced traders). So try as soon as you can and confirm all the highs BRKV has said in the last words.


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