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Hey, have you been trying your own forex trading strategy or different forex strategies for a long time but still haven’t made much profit? Now you’re starting to lose hope, right? Why can other traders make money from those forex strategies but you can’t? It’s because you’re doing it wrong. But don’t worry! Today, I will show you the 3 best forex trading strategies that will help you level up in forex trading. When you learn to trade with these 3 basic tactics, I’m sure you will know how to trade forex more efficiently and start building a career for your own with the best forex brokers in the world. These trading strategies are:

  • Swing trading strategy.
  • Day trading strategy.
  • Scalping strategy.

forex trading strategy 

Now let’s dive in to see how you can make a profit with these 3 forex trading strategies.



Swing trading strategies can be defined simply as wait and act when there’s a ‘move’ (or ‘swing’) in the market. When you use swing trading strategies, your goal is not 25 or 30% of profit, but rather 10% only, sometimes 5% in tougher market conditions. Now, now, don’t jump up like that. The profit rate is indeed smaller, but the time frame of this forex trading strategy is actually shorter than other strategies. While others may take up to weeks or months for your gains to return, swing trading only last 5 - 10 days. You want 20% profit in one month? How about 5% a week? Do the math. Understand now? Of course you still can lose. Because you gain little by little, a big loss can wipe out all of the progress you made. My advice is that you should hit Stop Loss at 2 or 3% maximum instead of the common 7-8%. This act will give you a profit to loss ratio at 3:1, which is acceptable.

Pros – Cons

    PROS     CONS
  • You don’t have to spend all day trading.
  • More opportunities for you in short time
  • Can’t participate in big trends
  • Overnight risk

How to do swing trading

To do swing trading effectively, you will have to study a lot of forex charts and find the patterns in it. You should not limit yourself to one or two currency pairs but rather observe as many as possible. Choose a time frame, then study the volatility of those pair, then work out a pattern of your own. In what conditions that the price goes up? When will it go down? Make your prediction based on the results you gather. Luckily, technology develops everyday so now there are a lot of indicators you can use. Let’s have an example. I do this on MT4 of Exness and use various other analysis tools.

best forex trading strategy  

In this forex chart, the green line is the moving average in the last 100 hours while the red line is the last 24 hours. The position when those lines cross each other is when we predict the price will swing according to the direction of the lines, which, in this case, is rising. You can see that the price in real life has already increased before that moment, so this is a lagging indicator. Since the price will rise, we will buy at that crossing position. Then, we place a Stop Loss at 200 pips from there, with the limit of 600 pips. After a week, the price hit there. We earned 600 pips, which is a good profit for a trade that only lasts 7 days. You can see that the price drops significantly after that. So, remember, keep your position short. This forex trading strategy requires a lot of practice, so let’s start right now.



This strategy is similar to the swing trading strategy that I mentioned earlier, but in a shorter time frame, a trading day to be specific. You open a position at the beginning of the day, predict the trend of that day and monitor your trade based on the events in that day and finally close the position before the end of the day. Day traders never keep their positions overnight.

Pros – Cons

     PROS      CONS
  • Steady income
  • No overnight risk
  • Have to constantly update the market
  • Can lose a lot when there’s a huge slippage

How to do day trading

To be successful in day trading, first, you will need a large amount of capital. When you earn, you can earn big time but when you lose, you will also lose a lot. So I suggest that you keep your trades low in size. Moreover, you will need to have a considerable amount of market knowledge so that you can predict how things will move in which directions. A professional day trader will pay attention to both fundamental and technical indicators. The last factor is discipline. You will need to be able to monitor prices for extended periods of time without jumping into conclusion too quickly. You may think this is easy but actually a lot of people miss big chances just because they can keep their head cold. Remember this, a missed opportunity is still better than a loss.

how to trade forex



Scalping, or so-called 1 minute strategy, is mostly for forex beginners because it is easy and helps them get used to trading. However, this strategy will require you a long period of time and focus. Everyday, you have to save at least several hours for trading in order to make a profit. The 1-minute scalping strategy can be broken down to 3 simple steps:

  • Open a certain position.
  • Make a few pips.
  • Close the position after that.

Therefore, this is considered one of the most basic forex trading strategies. For this strategy, we pay attention to the number of trades you make in a day. Don’t be nervous. A number like 100 trades a day is normal in this market. Because you trade a lot, it is important for you to choose the brokers with the lowest spread and commission as possible.

Pros – Cons

     PROS      CONS
  • Less risk
  • More opportunities in a day
  • Healthy income
  • Have to trade for many hours
  • High trading cost
  • Small win rate
  • Easy to get stressed

How to do 1-minute trading

With 1-minute scalping, your profit will probably at around 5 pips. Longer time frame, like 5 minutes, can help you gain more, like 10 pips per trade, but do not go longer than that. When choosing a currency pair for scalping, you should choose the most volatile ones, because that will give you more chances to make money. Also, the spread of that pair has to be low because the spread usually takes up 10% to 30% of your earnings. Many traders scalp in manual mode, which means no Stop Loss or Take Profit. If you’re fast when trading, we recommend you do to the opposite.


Let’s take one last look at the 3 forex trading strategies you learn today:

  1. Swing trading: A wealth or income building approach for those who can spend a few hours each day trading.
  2. Day trading: An income generating approach for those who can spend the whole day in front of the screen.
  3. Scalping: Making little profit in a short time, helping you practice.


After knowing all those, check your goals, schedules, and mind-sets to determine which one is the best forex trading strategy for you. You can test your strategy for free if you enter a forex contest.


Mario Draghi

Hey, I’m Mario Draghi. I’m a writer currently resided in Thailand. For my forex experience, I have been working with brokers and trading for 5 years. Hope that you'll enjoy my articles about all forex-related matters.

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These strategies may not be simple but they are indeed the basics.



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As beginners, you should practice these strategies and then move on to more advanced later.


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