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How To Day Trade For A Living PDF is a book that all professionals would suggest to young and new forex traders. If you have never heard of it, check out this article to know what this book is about.

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About How To Day Trade For A Living

Many people think that intraday trading is a very profitable practice. We just need to buy low, sell high or buy bottom, sell high. If things were that simple and easy, everyone would be flocking to the market.

how to day trade for a living pdf

It is true that day trading is highly profitable, but not everyone has the ability, experience and market acumen to reap the rewards so quickly. Especially for traders who are new to the forex market, stay calm, learn and mentally ready to face investment failures.

How To Day Trade For A Living will give us a necessary stepping stone before engaging in day trading. In the book, the author provides and explains the fundamentals of day trading. Starting from determining the expectations when investing, we will know where to invest, how to invest. From there, we can develop a strategy of our own.

Day trading involves a lot of risk, but the book will help you minimize the risks, if you grasp the famous but simple investment strategies from the previous traders.

The book consists of 9 chapters, going from introducing basic concepts to essential investment tools and tactics:

  1. Introduction
  2. How day trading works
  3. Risk management and account management
  4. How to find assets to trade
  5. Trading tools and platforms
  6. Introduction to Candles
  7. The Most Important Day Trading Strategies
  8. Step by step to successful trading
  9. Next steps for the beginner trader

How To Day Trade For A Living starts with the basics of safe and low-risk investing, followed by market evaluation and finally decision making

How To Day Trade For A Living PDF offers expert skills such as choosing the essential broker, tools, and platforms; practice each specific strategy (entry, exit, stop loss) and manage a trading plan.

Not only that, the author also teaches us how to balance our emotions to become successful traders. With traders, each transaction is converted into money, or a lot of money. So, once you have entered the market, you must determine the calm state before the plunge or even consecutive failures if investing in the wrong direction.

When you are just starting out with forex, it's best to experience virtual investing 6 months in advance, keep an investment diary every day to build your mindset before officially stepping into a career as a trader. Put your money in the market from the start, but don't risk all the money you have.

About the author

The author of the book How to Day Trade for a Living is Andrew Aziz. He is a doctor and also a trader and founder of the organization Bear Bull Traders. Although he started out as a chemical engineer at the University of British Columbia, Canada, he pursued his passion for trading with many different markets. Mr. Aziz has experience in the equities, ETFs, futures, forex markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

how to day trade for a living

Andrew Aziz was born and raised in Canada, is a famous writer and a full-time stock investor although he holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering in Canada. He often spends a lot of time observing the operation of the stock exchange, jogging, climbing, especially conquering the highest mountains. Andrew Aziz is also on a mission to conquer the tallest volcanoes on each continent.

Andrew Aziz was passionate about trading from a young age and has grown to become a professional investor in the stock market with a wide range of sectors from stocks, futures, ETFs, and markets. foreign exchange in the US, Europe, Asia. Currently, Andrew is an exclusive fund manager at Peak Capital Trading, a full member of the Forbes Board. He also invested in a FinTech company that specializes in developing AI technology for stock trading.

Some of Andrew's day trading rules:

  • Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick strategy
  • Day trading is not easy. It's a serious business, and you should think so.
  • Day traders do not hold positions overnight. If necessary, you must sell at a stop loss to ensure that you do not hold any positions overnight.
  • Always ask “Is this asset moving because the overall market is moving or is it moving because of its own underlying catalyst?”
  • Day trading success comes from risk management – ​​finding low risk entry points with high profit potential. Minimum profit/loss ratio for me is 2:1

Download all forex trading strategies PDF here.

Who should read How To Day Trade For A Living PDF?

The book How To Day Trade For A Living presents quite detailed and methodical knowledge in the field of financial investment. The basic tools, basic concepts such as buy and sell orders are explained in detail by the author. The content of the book is about trading with US stocks, but many of the strategies can still be applied to the forex market.

how to day trade for a living 1

Because the content of the book is presented quite simply, it can be considered as an introductory book for those who are new to learning about securities. Before investing, we need to have an objective vision and think about the market. The book is similar in content to the books of Alexander Elder but presented more closely.

If you have been in the forex market for a while but the results are still not good, you can read How To Day Trade For A Living PDF to understand the reasons and improve your investment results.


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