In Exness broker, we can choose different types of accounts which depend on our trading strategies. Exness ECN account is one of the most used among the Exness clients. In this review, you will learn everything about this type of account.

Full review of Exness.

Is Exness ECN account the most used account?

In fact, it is. Professional traders are the ones that prefer to choose this type of account because of the fact that this is the only account that allows you to do real trading on the real market. In this account, you can buy and sell with real traders.  Also, the prices are determined by the market demand and supply. In the other hand, for other account types, you are only going to trade against brokers or banks. This is why the professional traders prefer ECN account.

exness ecn account

Exness ECN account advantages

In this review, it is vital to point out the advantages of using this type of account.

The Spreads are truly low

As usual, the spread of this account is nearly Zero for the most important currency pair such as EURUSD, USDJPY, and CADUSD. Clearly, in perfect conditions, the spread should be zero. But, there is no broker that can do that. Just because of the fact that market volatility exists, there is always spread.

Exness ECN account charges the lowest commission

This happens because the ECN spread is zero, so broker’s profits are a trading commission. Most of Forex brokers charge 50 – 100$ commission per 1 million trading volume, but in Exness, the charges will be of 25$ for each 1 million trading volume.

This is the lowest commission on the market. And, the lower charged commission, the better are the gains.

No slippage at all

Slippage happens when the price you put in changes because the platform takes so long to execute your orders so the price of the market changes. When you're trading with Exness ECN account, the execution speed is super fast so slippages can rarely happen.

Low minimum deposit

This account only asks for 300$ minimum deposit, but other brokers require some thousand dollars. This is definitely good for medium traders that are those who don’t have much money and want to trade ECN account.

Instant payment systems

The Deposits and withdrawals that are made in this type of account can be made without any fees through almost all the electronic payment systems.

Exness ECN account is highly recommended for all experienced traders.