After spending 2 years on the forex market, I’ve been asked a lot of questions like “Which broker should I go to?”, “What type of account is the most suitable for new traders?” Today, I will answer them all by reviewing the Cent account, which I consider the best choice for beginners and Exness, a broker that I regard as the best there is in this market.

Recently, Exness just had a full make-over. It has a new look and new account name. Cent account is now called Standard Cent account. 


Exness is one of the biggest retail broker in this field. They offer the best trading conditions as well as a high level of security. In the whole 2 years trading there, I didn’t encounter any problems or issues regarding to forex. They are regulated by the CySEC and FCA. They value transparency so they put all their financial reports and information on their website. Their audit is Deloitte, the biggest and most reliable accounting company in the world so I’m sure that all the information is well checked and honest.

exness cent accont

Exness Cent account

For beginners in the forex market, you should choose the type of account that benefits you most. First of all, it has to be a real account (many brokers provide you with demo accounts) because only so can you experience the pressure and the risk of trading in real life. Secondly, you don’t want to deposit too much on this first account, because 90% of new traders tend to lose all their money when they trade for the first time. Finally, since you’re new to this field, you’ll desperately need support. The Exness Cent account can meet all the demands aforesaid.

exness cent account review

Cent account lets you experience trading in real-life conditions with real spread, prices, volatility, slippage... The minimum deposit for this account is only 1 USD. With just 10 dollars, you can open many positions and keep them open for 1 – 3 months. Moreover, the customer service that Exness offers is outstanding. They have around the clock customer support in various languages in order to provide their clients with the care they need.

Open a Cent account on Exness here and start trading today.