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The FxPro leverage works really similar to the FOREX leverage model that is in the MT4, cTrader, MT5, and FXPro market platforms. The FXPro leverage adapts to the clients trading positions. It works really simple; as the volume per instrument of a client upsurge, the maximum leverage offered falls accordingly.

All these things are done through per trading instrument. That means that if a client has positions open across multiple instruments, the FxPro leverage is going to be calculated individually on each FOREX Symbol.

Who is FXPro?

FXPro is a trading platform that has web and mobile services; it was created in 2006 in Cyprus by Denis Sukhotin. In 2010 FXPro got its license from the Financial Conduct Authority, and it built its office in London.

FxPro leverage

Trading FXPro platforms and its leverage

  • FXPro MT4:  it has a demo account, as it was said, this demo account allowed the clients to invest without any kind of risk. In this account, the client uses fake money, but it makes real transactions. You have access to VIP services.

To start to work with it, you will need $500.

The maximum FXPro leverage is 1:1500.It counts with a mobile app and web service. And one of the best things about this platform is that is 24hrs available but only from Monday till Friday.

  • FXPro MT5: This one has a demo account too, and it owns the same leverage (1:1500). The difference is that it doesn´t count with web services
  • cTrader FXPro: this is a complete platform. It has access to micro accounts and demo accounts. In this one, the first deposit needs to be of $500, and there is an investment of $45 for every $1000 of any kind of negotiation. The FxPro leverage here is also 1:500. This is the only platform without a dynamic leverage for spot indices.
  • FxPro Edge also offers a 1:500 maximum leverage.

It has a mobile app and a web service page

As you can see the FXPro MT4 and MT5 platforms they offer dynamic leverage, that maximum available leverage in FXPro can decrease as the volume being traded per instrument increases.

Fxpro account

What is leverage?

A good an exact definition that can be used when we talk about leverage is to say that is an investment strategy that consists in the use of borrowed money. To be more specific and exact, it consists in the use of a couple of financial instruments and borrowed capital just to be able to raise the potential return on any investment.

Another good definition is: “it refers to the amount of debt that is used to finance possessions.

” Let´s make an example; if you, as a trader, have 300 lots bought on USDJPY, and then you start trading EURUSD, the margin requirement for EURUD will never be affected by the existing USDJPY positions.

Another example would be:

If the client´s account uses a 1:500 leverage and proceeds to buy lots EURUSD, that way the account leverage is going to be larger than symbol´s relevant values, so the margin requirement will be just like it shows the next table.

0 - 100 1:500 1:500
  100 - 200   1:200 1:200

Some people make some precarious decisions like, start to work in the trading world and not read about it.

That is a huge mistake, especially if you are new.

You need to understand what you are doing, you need to be sure about the place in which you will invest your money, and of course, you don´t only need to get some practice; you need some theory to have a comprehensive understanding.

These definitions will try to make you understand how you can get into this world without missing a single thing.

Fxpro account

Who has better leverage than FxPro?

For some traders, 1:500 maybe a good leverage. But most traders would want higher leverage. And there are a lot more brokers who can offer higher leverage than FxPro. But leverage is not the only important thing. Those brokers, if you want to know about them, have to be as reliable and able to provide good services like FxPro. Here are the brokers who are as good as FxPro and offer better leverage rates:

FXPro trading accounts

  • FXPro demo: in this type of account the clients can invest without any kind of risk. In this FxPro account, the client uses fake money, but it makes real transactions. All the demo accounts are for free, and they bring the next services:
  • You will be able to work with MT4, MT5, and cTrader.
  • The FXPro leveragein this account goes from 1:1 to 1:500.
  • You are able to work with dollars, Euro, JPY, AUD, PLN, CHF, GBP.
  • FXPro super trader: you will have access to all the foreign exchange market and the VIP account.
  • You can make your deposits without leaving any kind of commission.
  • News in real time.

Investment tools in FXPro

  • Quant: it creates strategies, that allowed to overturn the strategy that you use investment logarithms to be executed in an automatically way in the MT4 platform and in cTrader.
  • VPS: you can invest here the 24hrs without having any moment of inactivity, it won’t be even necessary to turn on your computer.
  • Economic calendar: here you will be able to find news, results or the possible volatilities and you will have a space to mark the investment you do per week.
  • Calculator: with this tool, you can calculate all your investment.
  • Auto chartist: is an FXPro tool that allowed you to see the investment opportunities that have a huge potential for instrument analysis.
  • Apple watch and mobile: from the FXPro broker you can use all the platforms from your phone or tablet only with the right app.
  • Online events: in FXPro you can find 3 types of event to become a trader expert.
  • Online conferences: you can watch them every week.
  • Personal conferences: are made all over the world for the traders to be in touch with the FXPro news.
  • Financial events: in here you can find stands with information about the market and investments.

If you are new in the world of trading, it´s important to be patient and to understand that the success needs time and dedication. Remember that you will put your money on it.

So, FXPro and its leverage it is perfect for you if you are starting in this business, remember that it requires time and effort. Try not to make some of the constant mistakes of the trading beginners, like trading in multiple markets.

Fxpro account


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