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Bitcoin, or other types of cryptocurrency is very trending right now. Traders are looking for a place which is safe and has the best conditions to start trading Bitcoin. In my opinion, one of the greatest forex brokers that has Bitcoin trading is Exness. Here is the 4 reasons why. However, remember that when you’re trading on Exness, you don’t trade or process any Bitcoins, you trade the contract for difference (CFD), the difference between the buy and sell price of one product. To put it simpler, today you buy CFD Bitcoin that is worth of $2000. Tomorrow, the price increases to $2500, so you sell it and you will make a profit of $500.

Bitcoin trading is Exness

Low spread

On September 2017, Exness officially opened for Bitcoin trading. What made them stand out is their tight spread and that they charge absolutely no commission. On the first days, the spread is around from $5 to $7 for each coin while some other brokers gives the price of $15 to $20 spread for every coin. In recent months, when the price of Bitcoin has peaked up to about $20,000, the spread of other brokers was approximately from $100 to $500. However, at Exness, traders found the spread really low, at around $20 to $120 per coin. The low spread is the key feature that attracts traders to Exness. You can check Exness spread in real time here.

High Leverage

Of all forex brokers, Exness offer you with the highest leverage in Bitcoin trading. Exness is popular for their unlimited leverage and for Bitcoin, their leverage is 1:50. In comparison, XM offer you only 1:10 leverage for Bitcoin. In conclusion, at Exness, you can buy Bitcoin 50 times cheaper. Remember, you buy Bitcoin for trading only, so you don’t actually own any Bitcoin.

No Swap

What could possibly be the better thing for Bitcoin traders like you and me? No swap means no matter how long you keep your coins, there is no holding fee. You can review Exness swap here.

High Liquidity

As one of the biggest brokers in the world, Exness has the duty to offer traders the highest liquidity. It only take you milliseconds to execute your orders. Do know how long does it take at Coinbase? Four to five hours. Do the math yourself. It is very important for a broker to have high liquidity because traders want to buy or sell Bitcoin as quickly as possible since the price is always changing. With the high liquidity that Exness offer, I can easily follow my strategies in a nick of time.


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