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Crisis is happening around the globe and us traders can take advantages of it to move something. Check out the latest news in the article below to see how you should deal with the market today.

Latest updates:

  • Initial US jobless claims hit 348k, lower than estimates 362k
  • The dollar rallied to a nine-month high on Thursday after global markets plunged into anxiety following the release of the FOMC policy meeting minutes, which showed the Fed will reduce stimulus before 2021 ends. .
  • Markets will focus on the annual Jackson Hole symposium in Wyoming, taking place August 26-28, where more clarity on tapering is expected from the Fed.
  • The European Central Bank's (ECB) new forward guidance could boost inflation expectations, setting the stage for rate hikes to higher, ECB chief economist Philip Lane said on Tuesday. Year.
  • A major UK study shows that the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine in preventing disease declines faster than thought, reinforcing the possibility that there will be "repeat" shots that the UK and US governments have are planning.

Biden still doubts Taliban

President Joe Biden said the Taliban were in the midst of an "existential crisis" over their role on the international stage but he did not believe the group had fundamentally changed course. Pentagon officials say the US has 5,200 troops at Kabul airport and has evacuated 7,000 people - including Americans, Afghan allies and others - since Aug.

Anti-sanction law

China's top legislature is expected to pass a proposal to impose anti-sanctions legislation on Hong Kong, a retaliatory blow against the United States that could plunge global companies into conflict between the two countries. the world's two largest economies. Hong Kong is also gaining attention for preventing some Hong Kongers from fleeing the city in search of new lives from withdrawing their pensions. The move follows Beijing's decision in January to stop recognizing British National passports abroad as valid official documents and potentially puts billions of dollars at risk. And a pair of Hong Kong activists have identified Jimmy Lai and a former aide as the "masterminds" of the campaign to punish China, as part of a plea agreement to bolster the country's national security case. government against the jailed media mogul. Finally, Nicole Kidman sparked outrage when she revealed she was allowed to bypass the city's strict hotel quarantine.

Red day

U.S-listed Chinese stocks resumed their brutal decline overnight as Beijing stepped up its regulatory crackdown on private industry. Shares of Tencent and Alibaba both fell more than 6%. Asian stocks are expected to have a cautious open Friday as the Delta virus and the prospect of central bank stimulus cuts continue to weigh on the economic outlook, hurting commodities and strengthening for the dollar. Futures markets rose slightly in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong.

Mushroom holiday

Magic mushroom retreats are becoming more and more popular as a new type of resort tourism. The retreats offer not only the lush surroundings, pleasant accommodations, and well-prepared food of high-class stays, but also the spiritual healing and metaphysical self-discovery of experiences. plant-based illusions. Usually they are called trips, although most practitioners prefer the term "journey". At the all-inclusive Soltara Healing Center, set among 22 acres near the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica, the main event of the cruise, which lasts from five to twelve nights, is not an excursion or snorkeling, but is an ayahuasca ceremony led by indigenous Shipibo healers.

Time to pay the bills

Governments around the world have deployed $16 trillion worth of fiscal measures to stem the economic fallout during the pandemic, help spur a recovery, but also to wartime debt levels. Fitch's global head of credit ratings says that even if austerity isn't on the agenda right now, the pandemic bill will come due. In other Covid-related news, Singapore will pilot non-quarantine travel routes for vaccinated passengers from Germany and Brunei next month, also open to travelers from Hong Kong and Macau. and a new study shows that Covid shots are less effective than the Delta variant.


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