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The successful forex traders in South Africa should be the ones we all look up to. They can provide us many valuable and useful tips and secrets based on their trading experiences. Let’s see who they are and how we can be like them in forex trading.

Successful forex traders in South Africa

Here are some examples of the most successful forex traders in the history of South Africa:

Sandile Shezi

Born in South Africa, Shezi has become one of the most profitable forex traders in the country. After learning about forex trading, he put all of his money into a trade when he was young and won big. That’s why many people say that he is just one of those fortune traders. After having a lot of money, he then tried and learned from errors to find the best trading strategies. Later, he founded Global Forex Institute to teach young Africans how to succeed in forex.

Sandile Shezi

George Van Der Riet

Just like Sandile Shezi, Riet spent most of his youth learning the forex market. Thanks to that forex knowledge, he has become one of the best forex traders in South Africa. He is the co-founder of Global Forex Institute alongside Sandile.

George Van Der Riet

Ref Wayne

Ref Wayne succeeded in forex at a very young age. By 22 years old, he is already a millionaire thanks to forex trading. Later on, he created the first cryptocurrency in South Africa, which is called Pip Coin.

Ref Wayne

How to be one of the most successful forex traders in South Africa?

To become a trader, you must first understand the basics of trading. Next are the strategies and accumulation of practical experience. Before you get started remind you: to be a trader is not easy, there is always false information that fools you and you can never win every trade, no one and no one. France can do that. All you need to do is follow a scientifically proven and practical method to be highly profitable, focus your time and energy on relevant information and ignore the useless things about transaction goals.

successful forex traders in South Africa

First, you must focus on understanding the basics, it will be the foundation for your development in the future. You need to learn about the trading market, how prices change, types of orders, how to manage risks, capital, transaction efficiency.

Basic forex knowledge is often of a practical and objective nature. You can search them easily through the Internet, forex brokers, manuals. The purpose of this step is for you to find out the market you want to trade such as foreign exchange, securities or derivative securities. And then your job is to learn carefully about the market you want.

Second, after getting the basics, you need trading strategies on that market. The key here is the accuracy of your information source, not the techniques. But information gives you a starting point for further investigation, not an end to your decision. Because what you trade is in the future and the information you have is in the past. Evaluating the future is more difficult and necessary.

Third, after getting your own trading method, you need to test it. We can't win every transaction and we don't have to. What is needed is that we can control the methods, control ourselves, and constantly adjust the irrational things. And many times you have to accept your method to be correct in the past but now it no longer works, you must always find new methods, better ways to adapt to volatile markets.

When you have thoroughly carried out all of the above steps, the goal to become among the most successful forex traders in South Africa is not so far away anymore. Those people started out just like you. All they needed was knowledge and determination.


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