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Understanding the importance of signal forex as well as being able to identify a reliable and good signal provider is crucial. What we are about to disclose in this article is going to help you make the most profit from signal forex.

What is signal forex?

The Forex signal is a recommendation made by the ferry analyst, trading software and possibly trading robots. A signal usually contains key underlying information such as currency pairs, price, stop loss and take profit thresholds. Daily trading signals are run in real time, which is why we have different predictive signals. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the writing of trading signals.

There are two types of signals forex:

Active signals

With the first type, the signal is proactive. For this type of signal the analyst must sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time to make final decisions about buying or selling a certain amount of currency. As you can see, decisions made with trading signals are all made by analysts.

A forex trader can rate the forex market in a way that the software cannot. They can see the market moving unpredictably, and thus can withdraw from that trade. Traders have certain skills and experience that are not limited to programming code, so they have a sense of whether some trades are profitable.

Passive signals

We now turn to the passive forex trading signal. With passive signals, this is the type of signal provided by the software or trading robots. The impact of human psychological factors is completely removed. Therefore the automated software will perform the programmed actions based on the current market price trend. The use of passive signals helps traders get signals as quickly as a true professional analyst.

Foreign exchange trading robots can process more information than humans. This means that the trading robot can track multiple currency pairs and various information at the same time, and the trading robot can also work 24/7 without fatigue and almost no errors. technical terms. However, for the most successful use of signals you should combine both active and passive signals, this is something that many forex traders often do.

When you buy signals from an analyst or signal provider from robots, your trades when copied will be made online. The signal to help you make money or make you lose money is clearly displayed in the account.

How reliable are forex signals?

Nowadays, there are hundreds of signal providers online, both active and passive. And of course, there will be scammers. So, how can we tell which provider is reliable?

For active signals, you should know the provider. Somebody who you can meet or talk directly to is considered more reliable. If there’s trouble, you can contact them immediately. Never trust someone anonymous online who promises effective signals but you can’t get to meet them. Buying signals from them is very risky.

For passive signals, most of them are unreliable. We recommend you to not buy them. They can only work for a very short time before they are left behind this constant changing market. The money they help you make can never make up for the cost of them.

And of course, there is nothing such as free forex signals. Nobody will give you a fishing rod for free.

How to find the best forex signals?

The only answer is: the one who sells you those signals must be using them as well. Most forex signals providers are traders. When they develop a good signal, they would want to sell it for some additional commission. The profits from trading is still their main goal, so they would use the same signal they sell you. If the seller doesn’t use that signal, it’s possible that the signal is no longer working for him/her, or worse, he/she is not even a forex trader. You don’t want to trust someone who is not even in the business.

Forex signal scams and warnings

As we have mentioned above, signal forex is a good bait for those who hunt on inexperienced or impatient traders. There are countless scams relating to forex signals that we have encountered in the past. Have a cool head, do some research about your seller first, and don’t invest everything on those forex signals.


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