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There are plenty of reasons to why you should trade in FxPro. Everything about the company is a testament to its current leadership position in the Forex industry. It is recognized as a firm that won many awards from prestigious organizations and won many titles in past years such as Best FX Broker, Best FX Service Provider, Best FX Tools, Best Trading Platform, Best FX Service, and the list might even go on for a while.

FxPro is reliable

If you are looking for a reliable Broker, then search no more since trust is not an issue with FxPro. Having clients in over 150 countries worldwide and regulatory bodies in both the UK and Cyprus providing oversight, FxPro tries to achieve full transparency and best business practices, and it is making a great job in it.

should i trade in fxpro

FxPro tries to make itself unique, a different experience to traders, but at the same time, something simple, easy to get on tracks. Thanks to their goals, FxPro provides a wide range of trading possibilities and is always searching for unique, innovative ways to use the latest technology to provide a magnificent trading experience to its clients.

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Regarding safety and security; FxPro is a trusted and award-winning broker. With many awards since its foundation, it is also good to know that FxPro it’s regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority; and not only that but all client funds are segregated with major global banks from operating capital in Tier-1 accounts.

This way, you may sleep nice knowing that your fund is safe, also having transparent and trustable trading.

FxPro counts with over 150 employees ready to serve your interests. Favorable testimonials abound and the firm finds itself being very active in local communities. FxPro sponsors many high-level teams; a commonly known one was the Fulham FC in the English Premier League.

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FxPro's trading platforms

Another reason of why you should trade in FxPro is how they support several trading platforms, which are FxPro MT4, FxPro MT5, FxPro cTrader, FxPro Markets and FxPro MT4 mobile platform. Each trading platform has made its way with unique features to fulfill the need of each trader.

  • Almost every trader know about MT4 and MT5, which are very popular platforms and considered as the standard trading platform at many FOREX brokers, including FxPro, the difference between them is that MT5 is a successor to MT4 trading platform, offering additional features such as advanced charting package, providing options for customizing your trading environment, and many other features.
  • FxPro cTraderoffers a variety of features for its users, specializing in CFDs trading. The broker is allowing its users to place orders while having access to the full market depth and having custom indicators easily created.
  • FxPro Marketsis the newest trading platform at FxPro. It enables FxPro traders to create and manage their trading accounts without leaving the application. It also comes as Web trading platform, so accessing to the FxPro Markets can be quickly done without the need for downloading and installing other apps.
  • They also provide a Demo accountin case of traders wanting to familiarize with the platform or learn the ways of FOREX trading without having to face real risk and losing money they are not willing to waste that quickly, take it as practice before creating a FxPro real account.
  • After you’re done with practice and decided to jump into the real trading, with a minimum deposit of $500, you will be ready to start with a Standard Account, and if you want to get lower spreads and the joy of experiencing extra benefits from the standard account, you could try to have a minimum of $50,000 to invest and qualify for the premium account.

FxPro supports different types of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard Bank Transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and more.

fxpro account

FxPro support

FxPro it’s not only a broker for experienced traders, but it also has the required tools to help anyone who recently started at FOREX trading, with webinars, calculators, and economic calendars.

FxPro can easily be adapted to a novice trader since it gives the opportunity to copy investment strategies of other people and keep control of how much would the trader be willing to risk.

Almost everyone who tries this broker leaves an excellent review of it, in many cases a perfect score. You might as well want to read some of their users' reviews, which will look more or less like this:

“The main reason for me to work with FxPro is that they do not interfere in my trading, this way, I can use all the EA’s without any restrictions. I have no questions about the platform. MetaTrader works fast and stable without strong slippages. Deposit and withdrawal process are also quite fast. All their services are working at the proper level, it is, with no doubt an excellent brokerage company with extensive trading opportunities.” Says Axel, who rated a 5/5 in his review

According to that review, every aspect of FxPro worked with no flaws, just how they said. provided with a MetaTrader platform, which has a simple and intuitive user interface and fast payment process, FxPro is able to provide a swift and comfortable trading experience for every user.

In conclusion, should you trade with FxPro? Well, the quality of FxPro product and their offerings and services are just as how they advertised, provides transparent trading and operates professionally.

Regardless of your specific trading needs, FxPro probably has everything available to satisfy the needs of its clients. And knowing that FxPro is regulated in several jurisdictions will ensure that you can afford to entrust your money to this broker.

As such, the question is not “Should I trade in FxPro?” but “Why are you not trading in FxPro?”

Which brokers are similar to FxPro?

3 brokers reliable like FxPro

FxPro has FCA regulation, which is a very prestigious forex regulation in the world. Here are some good brokers (tested by us) that also have FCA regulation:

3 brokers have higher leverages than FxPro

Since FxPro has FCA regulation, it cannot offer very high leverage. The maximum leverage of FxPro is 1:500, which is not suitable for scalpers or day traders. FCA regulation means security and reliability. These 3 brokers have the same level of safety as FxPro but can offer higher leverage:

3 brokers support better than FxPro

And finally, when it comes to customer service, Exness, XM, and HotForex all do a better job than FxPro. While FxPro supports customers 24/5, the others have service as following:


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