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FxPro Group Limited (or FxPro for short) has long been a familiar name in the community of forex traders. If you don’t have a clue about this broker, let’s find out in this article.

About FxPro Group Limited

FxPro Group limited is a NDD (no dealing desk) trading platform established in 2006, according to FxPro's introduction in 14 years of operation. FxPro has received more than 70 prestigious awards, providing more than 250 financial instruments, with 6 different product categories.

FxPro Group Limited

In addition to being managed by leading prestigious financial organizations such as FCA or CySEC, FxPro is also very willing to sponsor many world-famous sports clubs such as: Premier League Club Watford and Club Mclaren F1. Currently, FxPro has executed more than 370 million orders from more than 100,000 traders in 170 different countries. Therefore, Fxpro is very proud to own a capital of up to 100 million EUR, has 4 main offices located in the UK, Cyprus, Monaco and the Bahamas, and the number of employees is more than 200 people. And every second, 7000 trading orders will be executed at FxPro.

In addition, in the report from 2019, FxPro is shown to be a real no dealing desk with the main task of being an intermediary providing services, not holding customer orders.

Accordingly, 92% of market orders are executed at the requested price while 9% of orders are executed with a positive slippage, have a better match price, and 98.6% of trades are executed without quote again. With such positive numbers, it is not difficult to understand why FxPro is really a successful trading platform in the world financial market in general and compared to forex exchanges in particular.

FxPro trading platforms

Similar to other exchanges, FxPro is also one of the exchanges providing the most advanced software today besides MT4, MT5 also has cTrader. Not to mention, FxPro also develops an exclusive application for trading on exchanges called FxPro Edge.

FxPro Group Limited

FxPro MetaTrader platforms

Basically, the MT4 and MT5 platforms will be an application that any forex must have to offer traders. Because this is the bridge to help the broker receive orders from the player, then can push orders directly to the market or keep those orders in an order-hugging state with the dealer-type exchanges.

Therefore, FxPro is no exception, it is required to have MT4 software, and this software provided by FxPro has the following basic features:

  • 3 types of charts.
  • 9 timeframes.
  • 50 technical indicators and customizable interfaces.
  • The app is available on: Mac or Windows, as well as for iOs and Android mobile platforms.

In addition, since FxPro is an NDD broker, even if you trade on MT4 platform, your orders are completely processed by the No Dealing Desk (NDD) system. never hug your command.

FxPro cTrader platform

If MT4 and MT5 are developed by a company from Russia, cTrader is developed by a company from the UK. Because it is a late launch software, cTrader will have many advantages over the two above software, especially that can help investors easily find and access to market depth in detail.

FxPro accounts

FxPro offers 6 different types of FxPro accounts for 4 software including: MT4, MT5, cTrader and FxPro Edge.

Of these, FxPro Edge CFD is essentially a place where you can manage your MT4, MT5 and cTrader accounts at the same time, so when you open an account in one of the three types above, you can link up with your FxPro Edge CFD account to easier to manage.

FxPro Group Limited

FxPro MT4 account

  • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
  • Maximum leverage: 1:500
  • Commission: none
  • The average spreads are from 1.58 pips, with the average execution being 1.71 pips
  • Trading instruments: forex currency: 69 pairs, Bitcoin, spot index, energy, metals, futures.

FxPro MT5 account

  • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
  • Maximum leverage: 1:500
  • Commission: none
  • Average spreads from 1.58 pips
  • Trading instruments: forex currency: 69 pairs, Bitcoin, spot index, energy, metals, futures.

FxPro cTrader account

  • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
  • Maximum leverage: 1:500
  • Commission Fee: USD 45 for 1 million 2-way trading units (for metal and forex products)
  • Average spreads from 0.37 pips
  • Trading instruments: forex currency: 69 pairs, Bitcoin, spot index, energy, metals, futures.

FxPro spread and commission

Of the 3 types of accounts, only cTrader accounts charge commissions while on MT4 and MT5 accounts you will not lose this fee but only the spread.

The commission fee for the cTrader account offered by FxPro is 45 USD per 1 million units (equivalent to 10 lots). That would be $9/lot, a very attractive commission fee. Because in other exchanges, the average commission fee will fall from 7 USD to 10 USD, not only that, the spread of the cTrader account is also very low, only from 0.3 pip or more. So if you have trading experience, you can refer to this account type.

Another point worth mentioning because FxPro places servers at Equinix, a data center used by many banks and financial centers. FxPro's execution speed is very respectable, only 0.68% of orders are re-quoted throughout 2019, according to reports from FxPro Group Limited.


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