Feb 12, 2020

Valentine's Day is coming. If you want a nice present for your significant one, check out the news today and see what forex strategies you should apply.

A close watch

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is closely monitoring the deadly outbreak of the Corona virus - now officially named Covid-19. Mr. Powell told the US lawmakers yesterday: "In particular. We are closely monitoring the emergence of the Coronavirus, which can cause disruptions in China to spill over the rest of global economy, "even though he stopped talking about the Fed's basic interest rate change outlook due to a virus outbreak affecting the US economy, or many members of the Federal Open Market Committee Expect that interest rates will be maintained this year.

US stocks increased as investors "ingested" the latest views from the Fed Chairman, while Treasury Bonds fell. Mr. Powell said: "FOMC believes that the current stance of monetary policy will support economic growth, labor market and return to the commission's target inflation rate of 2%. The economy is still consistent with this outlook, the current stance of monetary policy will still be appropriate. "

A slight increase

Asian stocks seemed to only slightly increase today as investors weighed the spread of the virus with expectations of supportive policies. US stocks closed with a gain on new technology antitrust monitoring reports for technology companies. The Australian futures market was little changed and increased in Hong Kong, Japan. The S&P 500 index also increased as the Federal Trade Commission was considering allowing major tech companies to buy them, albeit at an all-time high. 10-year Treasury Bond yields rose, while the dollar fell for the first time in 5 sessions. Elsewhere, oil prices rebounded after a drop from Monday, while gold fell again. Bitcoin has bounced back above $ 10,000.

MasterCard made it

Mastercard Inc. won approval to set up a bank card clearing business in China, gaining access to the $ 27 trillion payment market as part of a worldwide financial opening. national. The People's Bank of China announcement yesterday showed the country is moving forward with a faster opening of a financial system that was seen as part of a first-class trade deal with China. States, even if they are struggling with the outbreak of the virus. The central bank says Mastercard and its partner - NetsUnion Clearing Corp - will need to complete their prep work within a year. China is opening the financial market this year to allow foreign businesses to establish wholly owned operations to run insurance businesses, asset management and investment banks.

Lyft it up!

Lyft Inc. (a ride-hailing startup, smaller than Uber) beat analysts' fourth-quarter revenue estimates and narrowed their net losses - but this was not enough to make them Amazing investment. The company's stock fell nearly 4% during extended trading. The company also made a first-quarter revenue forecast that far exceeded Wall Street estimates, while its sales forecast for 2020 was generally in line with analysts' expectations.

Lyft said revenue for the three months ended December 31, 2019, increased 52% to $ 1.02 billion over the same period last year. Analysts expected revenue of $ 985.8 million. The company reduced its adjusted net loss to $ 121.4 million in the fourth quarter compared to the same period last year of $ 238.5 million. While analysts expected a revised loss of $ 161.9 million.