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When you want to learn about the Forex market, everyone wants to find themselves a good place to study with effective mentors. In particular, they want to see the practical value that the people they study successfully in this volatile market. Let BRKV show you how to find a good forex mentor who can guide you through this dangerous and complicated market.

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How to recognize the abilities of the Forex mentor

The ability of the mentor demonstrated through the trading account values ​​will create a great deal of confidence for investors, if the Forex mentor does not show the investors clearly this means they are not capable.

Real trading on the forex market. Currently, there are also a lot of Traders who have a little knowledge, experience, and then teach, bring those things into practice and if a mentor teaches "deceit", the consequences of course will be investors' bearing.

To be successful in the Forex market is completely difficult to achieve overnight. In order not to win the "poor quality" mentor today, we would like to give some criteria for you to choose correctly based on that.

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Learn everything about the Forex mentor

First, the sign of a good mentor is shown through their trading power in the market. Of course, the longer and more detailed the person's transaction history will prove that they are a worthy mentor for you to learn.

Forex is a quite special field, so choosing a mentor with a mind is not easy. You need to have sincerity, openness to ask all the things you have not mastered, see how that mentor guides you:

  • Applying the method to trade on the market like?
  • How to manage capital?
  • How to place the volume on each order with the respective accounts?
  • How to maintain sentiment on this forex market?
  • ...

You are allowed to sit face-to-face with a mentor, see with your own eyes, instruct you in hand how to trade and help you become an independent trader who confidently analyzes the market to start acting alone.

Experience to choose a good Forex mentor

Before knowing how that mentor teaches the above things, we suggest you take some precautions to choose a more suitable Forex mentor.

Don’t go with a show-off

You should avoid those who "talk a lot, promise a lot", who bragged and boasted using beautiful words to fascinate you. For example, if you hit it, you have to fight with a large amount. If you eat money, you have to eat a lot. In fact, hitting it big or little has nothing to do with whether you can trade or not. What beginners learn is how to trade effectively, control the risk of losses, how to manage capital right.

Hide their true selves

You should pay close attention to those who "show" a thousand-dollar or million-dollar account but when students ask, "This must be the secret strategy". Good mentors are never afraid to "show" their real accounts to you, they will answer all of your questions. Because they know the way to become a professional trader does not have to rely on one or two answers but succeed.


You should stay away from the courses "Getting rich is not difficult" go, make money in class, a few hundred dollars a day, ... Many students have poured money into courses from 30 million to 40 million for this is tempting, so that when students put money into transactions, the money just flies out the window and they just watch. Where was the mentor at that time, the money cannot be returned, you cannot forbid that immoral person to stop such acts. So, you should avoid them yourself so you don't have to waste money.

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Who are your peers?

You should look at the courses of previous students who have studied, see how they review the courses. If there is a commitment to repay 100% of the tuition fee when the student is not satisfied, it will be better. But it's important to learn knowledge that is worth the money you spend.

Have faith in yourself

Currently most exchanges or individuals regularly organize seminars or initial training sessions. You should attend such sessions to get to know for yourself how they lead the study. The first knowledge you can learn by yourself, self-study on online training sites, documents on the Internet are many. After having background knowledge, you should tinker, try trading on demo accounts or open a small account to really penetrate that knowledge, which also see if you are really interested in the forex market.

Actually learning trading is difficult, finding a good forex mentor is even more difficult. However, this world always has good things you should believe in. Getting started in the Forex market is always more difficult, you need to be careful with your decisions yourself.


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