The richest forex traders are surely the people we should look up to. But besides knowing and admiring them, we can actually benefit from them. I will explain to you in this article.


His birth name is Schwartz György. He was born on August 12th, 1930 in Hungary. In 1936, to escape the Nazi, his family change their name from Schwartz to Soros. Then, they moved to Switzerland in 1946, later emigrating to England in 1947. George Soros studied in the London School of Economics and Political Science. He graduated in Philosophy in 1952. While at school, he had already been making trades.

In 1954, he started his career in Singer & Friedlander, a merchant bank in London. 15 years later, he had worked for a number of banks and financial companies. In 1969, he founded the Soros Fund Management company, which mainly managed hedge funds. His company has generated over 40 billion USD in revenue since. In 1973 he founded the Quantum Fund, his primary trading venue.

On September 16th, 1992, or called The Black Wednesday, George Soros earned 1.8 billions USD by shorting the British Sterling pounds. He officially became the person who made the most money in one day throughout history. Thanks to this event, George Soros was famous for the title “The man who broke the Bank of England”. Therefore, he is surely one of the richest forex traders.


Joe Lewis was born on February 5, 1937 in London. When he was young, he had already expressed his gift in business. He left school at 15 to help run his family business. When he took over, he quickly expanded it. Then in 1979, he sold the business to make his initial wealth.

In the 80s and 90s, he mostly did currency trading. In September 1992, he cooperated with George Soros to bet against the Sterling Pound, which led to the event of Black Wednesday. Some people said he made even more than Soros then, which is more than 1.8 billion dollars.

He is now still a forex trader, and he is surely one of the richest forex traders in the world.


He is easily one of the best forex traders ever. He is among the traders who shorted the October 1987 market crash, which is also known as Black Monday. At the age of 64, he is considered one of the richest day traders alive to this day, with a net worth at 4.5 billion USD (2018 data).

Earlier in his life, Jones went to the University of Virginia, where he graduated with a degree in Economics in 1976. Then, he started as a clerk on the trading floor. After turning down Harvard Business School, he kept working as a commodities trader in the NYSE. In 1980, he founded his own company called Tudor Investment Corporation. There, he was a hedge fund manager who was famous for taking part in macro trading. He mainly bet on fluctuations in interest rates and the forex market.

In October 1987, he made a profit of 62%, just by holding short positions, when the markets were crashing. That year, he continued to earn 100 millions USD for his company. It felt like nothing can stop him at that time. In the period between 1992 and 1995, he was the Chairman of the NYSE.

In 2013, Tudor Jones obtained the profit of 14.3% for his company mainly because of his bet against the Japanese stock exchange and the Japanese Yen.


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