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Being an IB for XM is a good choice for those who want to earn more besides their forex trading job at their XM broker. In fact, for professional traders, working as an IB for the XM broker is an easy way to have an additional source of income. Read the following article to understand what the perks of being an XM’s IB are.

What is an XM IB?

IB, Introducing Broker, is someone who finds new customers for the broker. They are already traders at this broker so they know all the good things about it. When an IB can introduce a new customer to the broker, he or she will get a commission for that.


Until this day, IB is the most efficient way to get new customers for any forex broker.

The perks of being an XM’s IB

Earn up to $25 per Lot traded by your referred clients

At XM, they believe you should be rewarded for your efforts and that's why the XM partner program offers amazing commissions.

XM broker pays up to $25 per lot traded by clients you refer to XM.

Transfer money between IB accounts and customers

For maximum flexibility, XM broker allows money transfers between clients' IB and trading accounts.

Money transfers can be done two-way with no fees.

Unlimited commission from each customer

The XM Partner Program offers unlimited earning potential, meaning there is no limit to how much you can earn per client.

Because as long as your customers continue to trade, they will increase your commission. Since XM broker doesn't impose a limit, the amount you earn is completely dependent on the trading activity of your clients.

Fully automatic self-refund system

Our Partner Program gives their affiliates and service referrals transparent and efficient tools to engage clients, earn commissions after they trade at XM, and even return a portion of the revenue to their customers.

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Thanks to the user-friendly features of XM's cashback model, their partners have been able to proactively set up individual payment and refund (return) policies of commissions obtained for their customers automatically. Both affiliate commissions and customer refunds will be made twice a week and there are no external fees.

Remuneration and high customer loyalty rate

The XM Partner Program has high commissions and high customer loyalty rates.

Indeed, XM broker has always earned the long-term loyalty of their customers and partners and this is one of their strongest points.

Unlimited weekly income

In view of unlimited earning potential, XM broker does not impose a limit on the amount of commission you can receive weekly.

XM broker believes that their partners are entitled to receive the full amount of the commission they earn, and XM broker makes sure this is always done.

Receive money on time

Timely payment of your earnings is one of the most important features of the XM partner program. Fast withdrawal is in fact one of their core values.

That's why XM broker makes sure that you always receive your commissions on time, and without any extra fees or hidden costs.

An account manager in your language

Our customer service agents speak 18 languages, so both you and your customers will feel comfortable getting support in your own language.

Your personal Account Manager will work closely with you on all matters to ensure that you get the most out of the resources XM broker offers you, helping you to maximize your potential. his income.

Exclusive contests

XM broker develops and delivers contests exclusively for partners. Each contest is specifically designed to stimulate clients to open an account at XM or increase their trading activity. Both of these cases bring you additional commissions.

Exclusive promotions and expensive gifts

XM has diverse promotions and bonus policies to attract customers who are in need of opening a trading account. These programs are very beneficial for you, helping you to win more customers.

Many expensive gifts for you and your customers are additional rewards for those who join us.

Extra source of income

All new XM products and initiatives can create new sources of income for you.

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You are free to use their products and services to your advantage.

Sales Booster

Our sales promotion tools include: banners, customer tracking links, newsletters, service brochures, pre-existing websites, certificates and stamps.

XM broker can easily tailor solutions for their partners to serve your unique needs. All of those designs come in a variety of sizes and are available in multiple languages.

Real-time reporting

You get access to real-time metrics and reports specifically designed to help you get the information you need, help you grow your income, and monitor your results across all fronts.

Check accounts, customer statistics, charts, advertisements, and more; All are complete and detailed.

Safety for customer's money

XM makes every effort to make customers feel secure and safe in terms of capital. This activity is further enhanced through the acquisition of certifications and licenses by regulators around the world.

XM broker creates a fair and regulated trading environment for all partners and customers. This is ensured by a tight legal framework and complete transparency in all activities.

Unlimited 10% income from ib subordinates

In the event that you refer a partner to XM, that new partner automatically becomes your junior partner. Accordingly, XM broker rewards you with 10% commission on the total earnings of that subordinate partner.

There is no maximum limit on commissions from junior partners. So, the more your junior partner's income increases, the bigger the 10% commission you get from that person. That's all the perks of being an XM's IB.

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