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XM is one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, especially in Asia. The reason why there are so many traders wanting to trade on XM’s platform is that XM is really great with customer support. Not only do they have an amazing XM deposit and withdrawal system, XM also has a super efficient and experienced customer service team. Moreover, they also have monthly seminars to educate and assist customers in need. Today, we will focus on the XM deposit and withdrawal feature.

XM deposit and withdrawal

The process of XM deposit and withdrawal

After you have done signing up with XM and opened an XM account, you would want to deposit some money into your account in order to start trading. Let’s check out the process of deposit with XM step by step.

How to deposit:

  1. Log in with your XM account. No matter the platform you use (Web platform, MetaTrader 4 or 5, or XM mobile app), the interface is the same.
  2. After login, look for the DEPOSIT button at the top of your screen.
  3. If you have multiple XM accounts, select the account you want to deposit money in by clicking the DEPOSIT button next to that account.
  4. Select a deposit method. The methods available on XM platform are:
    • VISA or MasterCard
    • Internet banking service of your local banks.
    • E-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, SticPay, or Ngan Luong
    • Cryptocurrency wallet (Bitcoin, Tether...)
    • Other XM accounts
  5. Enter how much you want to deposit. For clients outside the U.S, XM will automatically convert it to USD.
  6. Check your account information again to make sure all the information is correct. Then click CONFIRM.
  7. Then XM will take you to the transferring page of the method you chose earlier. There, you just need to put in your information and make the trade.

That’s how you deposit money into your XM account. After trading for a while, you would want to withdraw your profit. Continue reading to know how to withdraw money from your XM account.

XM deposit and withdrawal

How to withdraw:

Important note: You have to withdraw money the same way you deposit your money. For example, if you use your MasterCard to deposit, after trading, you have to withdraw your profit into that exact MasterCard account. If you use multiple methods to deposit money into your account, the amount you can withdraw will be calculated according to the ratio of the amount you deposited. For instance, you deposit $50 with your MasterCard and then $100 with Skrill. When you withdraw money back to your MasterCard account, you can only withdraw a third of your fund. The other two thirds of your fund can only be withdrawn into your Skrill account.

  1. Log in with your XM account. No matter the platform you use (Web platform, MetaTrader 4 or 5, or XM mobile app), the interface is the same.
  2. You can find the WITHDRAW button right next to the DEPOSIT button earlier.
  3. If you have multiple XM accounts, select the account you want to withdraw money from by clicking the WITHDRAW button next to that account.
  4. Select your withdrawal method. Remember the note above.
  5. The amount you want to withdraw will automatically be converted to USD by XM.
  6. Click confirm to finish the process.

All deposit and withdrawal options of XM

Options Currency Min. amount Fees Time
VISA USD, EUR $5 None 2 - 10 days
MasterCard USD, EUR $5 None 2 - 10 days
Maestro USD, EUR $5 None 2 - 10 days
WebMoney USD, EUR $5 None 2 - 10 days
NganLuong USD, EUR $5 None Instantly
Neteller USD, EUR $5 None Instantly
Skrill USD, EUR $5 None Instantly
Bank transfer Any $150 Depends 2 - 10 days


The maximum duration for XM withdrawal is 24 hours. If you haven’t received your money after 24 hours, please contact the XM help team for assistance. XM has a really helpful and professional customer support team. All of your problems regarding XM deposit and withdrawal will be solved in no time.

Who is XM?

XM is a forex broker founded by Trading Point Holdings Ltd in 2009. After 13 years of presence in the forex market, XM has quickly risen to become a reputable and strong investment company with more than 3.5 million customers. In addition, XM also owns a team of experienced professionals. Estimated number of experts is up to 450 people.

In addition, the XM trading website has also been supporting more than 30 different languages, ensuring to serve all customers from 196 countries. This is also the impressive point of the XM broker.

Not stopping there, XM has also exploited and put on the platform many quality trading products and more than 25 different XM deposit and withdrawal methods for depositing and withdrawing to meet the investment needs of many customers.


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