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Exness does not accept clients from which countries? Is your country in their list? This is the questions many of my followers have requested for an answer. Is Exness for everyone? Today, we shall find all the answers regarding Exness services in the world.

Who is Exness?

Exness khong chap nhan khach hang quoc gia nao

Founded in 2008, Exness is a very well-known forex broker in the market. From then, they have had over 60.000 client's accounts, trading actively from every corner of the world. Traders choose Exness trading platform because it is regulated and managed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Moreover, they also pick Exness because this broker provides many trading advantages as well as diversed trading accounts that can suit all forex trading strategies.

As time goes by, Exness keeps reaching new heights. They easily surpass the other top forex brokers by working with the top organizations and corperations in the world like Real Madrid FC or WWF Russia. Exness traders are welcomed to a safe and professional trading environment on both MT4 and MT5 interfaces. Exness trading platforms are various and available in 13 different languages. Their trading conditions are very advantageous as they offer very low spreads and commission as well as ECN trading conditions.

Which countries does Exness not accept clients from?

Exness khong chap nhan khach hang

Exness accepts ALL clients from around the world. The reason why people ask the above question is that they don't know Exness divided itself into 3 entities. Each entity is responsible for providing services to specific regions in the world. An entity that does business in one region does not accept clients from another. Exness does this because their customer base is too big. They can't handle it with just one company. Here are the details of Exness entities:

Exness Limited VC: Exness VC was registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Exness VC accpets clients from all countries except the following ones: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and Japan. Therefore, traders from Asia, Africa, America, as well as some countries in Europe, can do business with Exness VC.

Exness CY Limited: This entity was founded and located in Cyprus. Exness CY is regulated by CySEC, the financial organization of Cyprus themselves. This entity mainly serves European forex traders

Exness UK Limited: Based in the United Kingdom, Exness (UK) Ltd. is the newest entity that Exness opens. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the top financial regulator in the UK and the world. As its name suggests, this entity is mainly for Exness' clients in the UK.

Does Exness accept clients from Vietnam?

Many traders in Vietnam are still unclear about the legal side of foreign exchange trading in the country. Forex trading in Vietnam is actually for organizations and agencies licensed by the state. When individuals engage in forex trading, they are doing it at their own risk. When something goes wrong with the floor, state laws won't protect them.

So basically, Exness accepts customers from Vietnam. And you will be safe when trading with Exness because it is a reputable and decent licensed broker of FCA and CySEC.

What about countries that don't allow forex trading?

Some countries in the world still don't legally forex trading because of its risk. So trading forex in those places is deemed very risky and the traders are not protected by the law. Therefore. it is best for those traders to trade with the most reliable forex brokers because their regulations can assure traders' safety. Among them, Exness rises. So trading with Exness is the best and safest way of trading.

So which countries does Exness not accept clients from? The answer is "none".


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