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FxPro’s offices and support team are a subject that traders care very much about. That’s because people get into a lot of trouble when trading and they need help from the broker as fast as possible. Here in this article you will learn about FxPro broker and their amazing office and support team.

About FxPro offices and support team

With 5 trading platforms, 280 trading instruments, 10 most successful years in the industry, more than 250 million orders executed to date, more than 50 International Awards and 99.9% of orders executed and 7000 orders executed per second, FxPro, since its inception, has been an exponent in the adoption of more transparent and ethical practices in the online commerce industry, all coupled with an excellent support team. Avant-garde in their operations, they have developed an award-winning execution model that responds to the needs of operators.

At FxPro they are committed to fostering a dynamic environment that respects traders and companies with all the necessary tools for their trade activities.

fxpro office

FxPro holds a firm commitment to transparency, excellence, and innovation, investment in technology and research, expansion and optimization of your business model with merchants’ needs in mind.

The headquarters of FxPro are located in London, specifically under the address 13/14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ.

Their multilingual customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to assist you in the best way possible with any question related to trading. Once on the platform, you can consult the contact details of the customer support team, chat directly with them, or request a telephone call with technical support.

With customer support points in 23 countries, traders using FxPro can be assured that they will receive assistance with just one free call. Merchants from other countries or those who prefer alternative service methods can request a callback at the time they choose.

Like most brokers, FxPro offers 24/5 support, starting Sunday night at 23:00 in most time zones and until midnight on Friday.

Additionally, the FxPro contact page is among the best there are, with different boxes that contain the telephone number and email address of each department, so you can be sure that your query will reach the right place.

They have a vision based on providing a customer-centric position and are putting the needs of customers at the center of your operations. Its main objective is to continue as one of the best online brokers in the industry and the conservation gained as a trustworthy broker.

Fxpro account

Why people choose FxPro?

FxPro is making commerce accessible to all by offering support and educational resources to lead the way and at the same time betting on transparency and adoption of ethical practices in the industry, dedicating themselves by continuously leading their services for the demand merchants.

They have a strategy which is about evolving. Always surrounded by an environment in constant change, continuous expansion, to optimize their services to meet the needs of the world's traders.

And have an ultra-fast execution with a model without any intervention of the negotiation table. They have an aggregation of prices of multiple PL and access to ample liquidity pool and recurrent investment in technology and research.

From the FxPro management team, everything they do, from their recurring investment in technology, to the expansion of their product suite or their customer-centric philosophy, is a demonstration of the dynamism of FxPro. They have always been characterized by serving the best interests of customers and continue to offer the complete online trading experience in the industry.

As part of their commitment to transparency, they adopt all the necessary measures to guarantee the security of our clients' funds, which are insured, completely segregated from those of the company and deposited in international banks. Offering a recognized and awarded technology and execution.

Via its spot aggregator, they provide traders with access to a broad pool of liquidity and offer ultra-fast execution with a model without any intervention from the trading desk. Their state-of-the-art machine-order technology allows traders to benefit from reduced spreads, competitive prices and orders executed in less than 50 milliseconds.

As an industry-leading platform with exclusive tools, it offers traders a wide range of trading platforms, including the popular MetaTrader 4, Metatrader 5, cTrader, and FxPro Markets .

Both their web versions and their mobile applications are also available for our main platforms and allow their customers to access the financial markets at any time, from anywhere.

Fxpro account

In FxPro, all customer orders are executed anonymously and without Dealing Desk intervention; everything’s subject to their Order Execution Policy. More than 99.9% of customer orders are executed in less than 42 milliseconds. Up to 7000 orders executed per second.

All customer funds deposited with FxPro are completely segregated from the company's funds and are deposited in separate FxPro bank accounts.

This guarantees that the funds belonging to the clients cannot be used for any other purpose. Our Balances are audited by PWC, a leading global financial auditor, ensuring in this way that our operations are by the best industry standards.

FxPro is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Plan (FSCS), and FxPro Financial Services Limited is a member of the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF). Eligibility depends on the status and nature of the claim.

Also, these are the additional measures that they implement:

  • The funds of FxPro customers are deposited in segregated accounts in global banks such as Barclays PLC, Julius Baer and RBS. Internal limits guarantee a diversification of client funds between banks, while credit risk is regularly monitored. Client funds are held in jurisdictions where the segregation of client funds is contemplated in the local legal framework.
  • FxPro offers Protection against Balance in Negative to all its clients as part of the Client Agreement, as long as it is not manipulated and accepted in good faith. They are committed to a strict policy that guarantees that our clients never lose more than their total deposits.
  • Due to the high volume and diverse directions in the operations of the clients, they are shown capable of internally suppress a substantial part of the order flow. This allows us to minimize our risk without interfering with your orders in any way.
  • Not all customer positions are covered, a residual exposure to our market risk is managed internally. If there is an excess in our exposure to the market, it is externally covered.

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