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Investing in FOREX is a very serious task that requires a lot of research and that is why, in this world of finance, only rise those who have the ability and audacity to develop in the financial market. That is why, on this occasion, it is pertinent to talk about the XM broker. Now, touching an important and fundamental issue for everyone who is in this world of trading. It is well known that the most fundamental thing is the financial security of the investor, and here comes the good news and that is that when making our investments with the XM broker, you can be totally calm, you do not have to worry because XM is regulated by a large number of institutions that work for the proper functioning of this financial activity, ergo, regulators.

xm regulation

XM regulations

It is important not to forget that XM has also left its security seal in the broker of the British FCA, the CNMV for its Spanish acronym, which is the National Securities Market Commission in Spain, as well as the BaFin, Financial Supervision Authority of Germany. They have licenses that can be seen by whoever is interested in seeing them, they are available on their website:, here we can see that they count by which entities they are endorsed and that they are regulated by XM Global Limited, Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Ltd, Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd and Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd.

To all the aforementioned institutions, other financial market regulators that carry out this activity are added within the European framework. You may ask yourselves what these entities really are and what they do. And, looking forward to answer these questions, let's start with the first of the entities that regulates XM. The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) is the body in charge of the supervision and inspection of the Spanish securities markets and the activities of those involved in them. Its main objectives are to ensure the transparency of Spanish securities markets and the correct formation of prices and also ensure the protection of investors. The CNMV, in the exercise of its powers, receives an important volume of information from and about the intervenors in the markets, much of which is contained in its Official Registers and is public. In addition, the CNMV monitors that investment service companies and credit institutions act correctly in their commercialization of all types of investment instruments, and that these offer investors clear information about the products they will hire and that these They fit your personal needs. On the other hand, it also plans and carries out various activities aimed at improving the financial training of investors.

Other security measures

But this is not all, we also have to talk about another of the companies that regulates XM and this is none other than BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), which operates for the public interest. Its main objective is always to guarantee the correct functioning, to offer the best security and the integrity of the German financial system. In order to make sure all bank clients, insured and investors have been able to trust the financial system.


BaFin always cares about the safety of its investors and considers it important to offer an environment in which they would like to have a long career that allows them to grow and develop, and that BaFin has been part of that. Under its solvency supervision, BaFin helps to guarantee the ability of banks, financial services, institutions and insurance companies to meet their payments. Through its market supervision, BaFin also applies standards of professional conduct in order to maintain investor confidence in the financial markets. As part of its investor protection, BaFin also sought help for unauthorized financial businesses. The Commission's action is mainly projected on the companies that issue or offer securities to be placed publicly, on the secondary securities markets, and on the companies that provide investment services and collective investment institutions.

Regarding the latter, as well as secondary securities markets, the CNMV exercises prudential supervision, which guarantees the security of its transactions and the solvency of the system. For this reason, we come to the conclusion that XM is presented as a fully regulated broker, and therefore, safe, through which all our operations are converted into legal form and offers investors total confidence and tranquility since this institution assures them the reimbursement of the funds in the event that the broker closes or had a failure.

About XM

The XM broker offers different options of investment platforms, apart from having the well-known Metatrader version 4 in both normal and multiterminal versions that help to manage different XM accounts. And all of this without mentioning the excellent investment platform it has, which is available even for mobile phones. XM Group, like other brokers, is owned by the company Trading Point Holdings Ltd. and has significant experience as a financial services provider throughout the world. XM Group is formed by Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd (which started its activity in 2009 and XM office is located in Limassol, Cyprus), Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd (which started its activity in 2015 and its headquarters are in Sydney, Australia) and Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Ltd (which started operations in 2016 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom).

Going deeper into the concept of Metatrader, it can be used for any automatic trading system (Expert Advisors) without having any restriction as far as investment strategy is concerned. Having said that, we have that XM is a pretty standard broker and the opinions of investors about their experience are usually neutral. All in all, XM offers you a fair, transparent, and reliable trading experience by being a pioneer in a strict policy of no re-quotes and without rejections. It is more than clear that trading with XM is synonymous of trading with a broker that is fair and reputable.


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