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Within the larger Broker, XM focuses the most on Forex trading. Meanwhile, most of brokers on the Forex market basically introduce general accounts. Although they express the fairness, trustworthiness and dependable, the rejection policy and execution process are not in their offer unless their customer need for second help. The customer reviews on their policies state the true. Hence, the clients using XM are benefited with an XM card. The exceptional feature of these cards is the easy-to-access to their trading funds. Similar to debit card, XM MasterCards has the features such as make purchases and withdraw money at any available ATMs.

xm card

What is XM Card?

The basis of XM Cards is the prepaid type which allows card holders to withdraw funds and trading from MT trading account. XM introduces three different card options, including XM USD MasterCard, XM EUR MasterCard, and XM USD Shanghai (China UnionPay)

The advantage of both XM USD MasterCard and XM EUR MasterCard is to allow card holder access to use anywhere with MasterCard logo. Meanwhile, XM USD Shanghai is accessible anywhere with China UnionPay logo.

The ability of transferring between XM Card and MT4 trading account, you are unlimited from accessing funds and trading as possible as never before. The idea of an XM card has solved the companion of any traders. What they should choose further is the card that best suit them.

There is a free card for any clients with the total MT4 XM accounts balance of minimum of $2000. In case of traders have lower balance than the free offer, the issuing charge for additional cards is just $10.

For further details, click here.

How to get XM card

It is not difficult to get your hand on an XM card. Once your balance reaches $2000, you can register for an XM card on the homepage Just enter your address and a card will be sent to you in no time.

XM Mastercard

Empowering by Mastercard, debit card issuing by XM is to be able to use anywhere worldwide that accepting Mastercard. The accessing techniques are wide, from online, in stores, or even withdrawing cash from an ATM. There are  two options of currency, Euros or US Dollars, offering by this Mastercards. 

With your trading balance, you are able to top up your card balance anytime free of charge. Even your card is debit, you have full control of your funds on trading. As long as you need, holding 2 different types of debit cards is available, respectively Euros and US Dollars.


Easy Access to All of Your Money

As a matter of fact, most of Forex accounts are limited accessibility to withdraw money due to the missing of physical banks. This link between standard debit card and Forex account is the great idea for trader to access to their money anytime. As long as the acceptance the card brand, you can easily use it at grocery stores, gas stations, and more. You can also can have cash from card withdrawal at ATM. 

Faster Withdrawal

The transferring process from a brokerage account to another account is limited by some financial brokers. Option of a debit card which linked with your brokerage account will solve this issue. Although the transferring procedure takes from 2  hours to 2 days to be done from a debit card to its linked account, the waiting period is still shorter than other option recently operating. 

Check out XM deposit/withdrawal system.

Secure Money

The requirement of a debit card is that the supporting institutes, such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. This would help to ensure the safety of money from your account of being stolen. As the cause happens, the issuing company will refund the stolen money.

XM card

Who else offers forex card?

Actually, XM is not the only forex broker who offers this kind of service. There are other brokers as well. But I only want to focus on the big and famous forex brokers because trading with them is much safer. So if you want an option besides XM, you can check out HotForex card. HotForex is as big a broker as XM and their trading conditions are awesome. Open a HotForex account now and get your HotForex Mastercard for free.


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There are very safe ways to start trading as a beginner. First you need professional advice, second please do not start using your salary if you have a good credit that would be great.



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