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It is hard to find good broker that allows you to invest your money and, at the same time, be safe; because, let´s be honest; it is not easy to trust your money to any kind of group of persons, especially if it is on the internet.

But, lucky you! This time we will bring you the experience and some tips on how it is to trade in FxPro. This way, you will be able to find out if it is what you need and if it works for you and the investment you want to do.

What is FXPRO?

It’s an online investment company located in the UK and it offers exchange CFDs to their customers.

To be specific, FxPro is a trading platform that has web and mobile services; it was created in 2006 in Cyprus by Denis Sukhotin. In 2010, FxPro got its license from the Financial Conduct Authority and built its office in London.

The trading experience in FxPro is really comfortable and it is not hard if you know what you are doing.

Deposits and investment money

This is the first you and for everybody else want to know. However, this is going to depend on the account that you prefer.

When I started to trade in the FXPRO platform, I used a Fxpro Demo account. But, to know how that works, you need to check the accounts you can use. 

trading experience in fxpro

FxPro trading accounts

To start trading you need to have an account, because there is no other way to invest money on FXPRO. That is why it’s necessary to know what type of account you are going to use. If you are a beginner in the world of trading, the best one is the Demo account, this way you won´t have to risk your money and you don´t have to pay to start trading. Also, it is really easy to use. n any case, I will give you some characteristics of both of the accounts I found in my trading experience in FxPro.

FxPro demo: in this type of account the clients are able to invest without any kind of risk. In this account the client use fake money but it makes realistic transactions. All the demo accounts are for free and they bring the next services:

  • You will be able to work with MT4, MT5 and cTrader.
  • The FxPro leverage in this account goes from 1:1 to 1:500.
  • You are able to work with dollars, Euro, JPY, AUD, PLN, CHF, GBP.
  • FxPro super trader: you will have access to all the foreign exchange market and to the VIP account.
  • You can make your deposits without leaving any kind of commission.
  • News in real time.

FxPro leverage

In case you didn´t know, the leverage is an investment strategy that consists in the use of borrowed money. In FXPRO the leverage is going to be different, according to the platform you are going to use. I used the FXPRO MT4 because it worked with the demo account; but, as I said, you can use the one that you see is better for you, that is why I will show you all of them.

  • FxPro MT4:  it has a demo account, as it was said, this demo account aloud the clients to invest without any kind of risk. In this account, the client uses fake money but it makes real transactions. You have access to VIP services.

To start to work with it you will need $500. The maximum FxPro leverage is 1:1500. It counts with a mobile app and web service. And one of the best things about this platform is that is 24hrs available but only from Monday till Friday.

  • FxPro MT5: This one has a demo account, too, and it offers the same leverage (1:1500). The difference is that it doesn´t count with web services
  • cTrader FxPro:  this is the most complete platform. It has access to micro accounts and demo accounts. In this one, the first deposit needs to be of $500 and there is an investment of $45 for every $1000 of any kind of negotiation.


Also, in the FXPRO platform you can find some investment tools that are going to help you all along your experience; for example, one of the best that I tried was the economic calendar. There, you will be able to find news and results or the possible volatilities and you will have a space to mark the investment you do per week. Another thing that I found in my trading experience with FXPRO came in the form of certain type of events that were there to help you in your trading experience.

  • Online conferences: you can watch them every week.
  • Personal conferences: they are made all over the world for the traders to be in touch with the FxPro news.
  • Financial events: in here, you can find stands with information about the market and investments.

The FxPro cTrader is an unfailing broker with amazing bonus system and what is more substantial (speaking from my trading experience in FxPro) is that it owns some trading facilities appropriate for every client in the broker and trading world

How to stay in touch with the FXPRO news?

When I was trading with FXPRO I followed the next advices and I must say that they are really important once you start to trade

  • You can keep an economic calendar at first sight.
  • Be aware about all the economic indicators that are capturing the market´s attention at that time.
  • It is fundamental to know all the market expectation for the data.
  • Be aware of all the news that is released, study themand don´t react to quickly to it.

My advice for the people that are going to use this broker is to trust on it, because you can have a lot of nice surprises and benefits as one of their clients. Also, it is important to be patient, remember that it all depends on the time you invest on it.



Peter Pan

Hey, I’m Peter Pan. I am a writer currently resided in Thailand. For my forex experience, I have been trading with many forex brokers from all over the world for 5 years now. I hope that my articles about forex brokers can help you succeed in this market just like me.

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