Top 3 ECN brokers on the world

Sep 26, 2019

Trading ECN means trading in a real market which avoids bad influences from marker makers. Choosing the best ECN broker is the key to your success.

The point is 99% traders trade with market maker because it isn’t easy to trade ECN. ECN trading is for professional traders. It requires a huge investment, low leverage, and high stop-out. In addition, the highest risk of ECN trading are high fluctuations in prices, high swaps, and high slippage.

best ecn brokers

If you would like to step into ECN trading world, this article is definitely for you

The truth about ECN brokers is: most ECN brokers on the world are not the real ECN brokers. Because the real ECN brokers don’t provide service for small traders. They only work with big traders such as: bank, investment funds,… and retail brokers. XM, FxPro, FBS, Exness,… are retail brokers. They are not ECN brokers. They are just brokers offer ECN account.

Case study: ADS Security is a big liquidity provider offering ECN trading service. They provide ECN accounts/quotes for these retail brokers. So, if you open ECN account in Exness, it’s same with you open account in ADS Security. An advantage of these ECN accounts are that you can trade directly with big liquidity provider without any high requirements

How to know the best ECN brokers? Is the bigger broker, the better?

Best ECN brokers are

  • Fast execution.
  • Good prices.
  • Low commission
  • High liquidity

Based on the above conditions, the bigger ECN broker is, the better. Because they can negotiate for a better price from liquidity providers. Obviously, the offered liquidity is also higher. What are the top ECN brokers?

ECN broker: FxPro

FxPro is one of the most popular brokers on the world in terms of trading conditions and reliability. FxPro has offered forex trading on the world more than 10 years, and they have good reputation.

Why is ECN FxPro good?

Because they are leading in Ctrader technology to help small traders easily connect with ECN market. Ctrader is a fast software and quite user-friendly. What’s more, their ECN trading volume is generally high, which proves that their stable system. Create ECN FxPro account HERE

ECN Exness

Exness forex broker also offers impressive ECN accounts with remarkable service:

  • spread is just 0.0 pip
  • Only $2.5 service fee for each lot

This is the lowest fee over other ECN brokers. Create ECN Exness account HERE


FXTM offers a total of 7 account types – 4 of them are ECN accounts (CTrader). This is most popular ECN account type at FXTM: Click to view ECN FXTM HERE