All traders want to know the most successful forex trading strategy. However, I strongly believe that there is no absolute best. Forex trading is a chain of analysis and trades. You analyse the market, predict the trend, make the trades, and do that over and over again. There is no major key forex strategy that can win forever. The only concrete thing is the best forex brokers.

Among many brokers, I did not know which one should be the best to choose, and I got no support as well. However, it is different now due to this is on the path of strong development with plentiful information and various providers. After many years, I can conclude the best forex brokers as the following for traders to consider as the most successful forex trading strategy. And why can I give that conclusion? And which standards I have based on? The next parts of the article are going to show you. 

most successful forex trading strategy


First of all, it is the credibility. It is sure that all brokers who want to keep their business developing bigger and bigger, they have to increase their revenue. But how they can? The only way is to attract customers. Nobody can refuse that customers are sources which can bring brokers’ main income. And it is defined that the credibility is the first factor for customers to consider whether they can trust them.  For business, regulations and licenses are things which prove the reliability of a company, and so does the forex trading. It has a little difference in Asia, forex trading has not been accepted, traders are more difficult to choose the best brokers than in the US or UK. However, if traders know which regulations are valuable, everything becomes smooth. The regulations below are issued by authorized organizations with the big voice, so brokers owing these can protect traders' benefits:

  1. Exness 
  2. XM 
  3. Hotforex 

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Besides the credibility, traders need to learn about the trading cost. They had better list out the spread, commission, and minimum deposit of all brokers who they are considering in order to make a comparison. Obviously, the low trading offer always is preferred. Strategies like swing trading strategy need low trading cost.  Traders cannot pay too much, this affects their profits for every transaction. In brief, the lower the trading cost is, the more profits traders can get. Traders can save time to learn and collect data of brokers thanks to the following valuable table:

Brokers Spread Commission Minimum Deposit
Exness 0.7 pip $2.5 $1
HotForex 1.1 pips $6 $1
XM 0.8 pip $6 $5


Actually, in my opinion, customer service is the most important factor which brokers must focus on, and other traders have the same opinion I think. We are willing to spend more money to have good services and support. Awful or slow assistance is able to take our more money for waiting and ineffective solutions.  For brokers in the forex market, traders tend to evaluate their services through local offices, call center, and websites. No matter how many services brokers have, customers have to be served quickly and professionally. Therefore, in order to approach customers in all groups, brokers need to set up different languages in both websites and call centers. For this point, the top 3 I recommended can perfectly please you.