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To know how to trade with Exness effectively to the most, read the following article. In this article, we will guide you through the most suitable trading strategies for this famous Exness broker.

Trend Trading

This is a very simple type of trading strategy adopted by many traders whether professional or novice. In this way of how to trade with Exness effectively, you will learn how to exploit market volatility to get the most optimal profit for yourself.

Trend Trading usually lasts for a medium to long term with the entry point determined by a set of indicators such as RSI, CCI… and the exit point is the profit/risk ratio. The advantage of trend trading is that it gives you more new opportunities to increase the number of trades. However, it also requires you to spend more time and effort to analyze and evaluate the market in the most accurate way.

Day Trading

By definition, Day Trading is a way to trade with Exness effectively designed for day-to-day trading and it must be stopped before the market closes. This is the reason why you will have to be very focused to enter a trade because it only happens for a very short period of time, a few hours or even a few minutes. Although the number of trading opportunities is very large, the profits achieved are insignificant. However, if you are a person with a lot of free time, this is still a suitable investment strategy that you should consider to both create value but also accumulate more valuable lessons for yourself.

Range Trading

This is a well-defined form of support and resistance levels with no specific timeframe. Through that, investors will conduct trades around these levels and it is considered successful when the market does not have too much volatility or the trend is not clear.

The remarkable point of Range Trading lies in the number of trading opportunities that come with a fairly high profit rate. It also doesn't require you to spend as much time tracking the map up and down as other strategies.

Position Trading

True to its name, this way of trading with Exness effectively focuses on the fundamentals and is long-term in nature. During the application process, traders can still use a combination of other technical analysis methods to increase efficiency. Position Trading is also considered the most "tough" strategy when it is not affected by even the smallest fluctuations and is applicable to all different markets such as forex or stocks. The duration of a position trade usually lasts for a few weeks, months, and in many cases years.

Therefore, it is suitable for traders who are really patient and do not let their psychology be affected by the general movements of the market. The only disadvantage of Position Trading is that there are few trading opportunities and it is not for new investors to join.

Swing Trading

In the world of forex trading investors, Swing Trading is considered an effective strategy by determining the "high" and "low" to enter the most suitable buy and sell orders. Due to the medium-term nature of the transaction, transactions are often held from a few hours to a few days.

Similar to Range Trading, this way to trade with Exness effectively also applies technical indicators to choose the most suitable entry/exit point. However, Swing Trading is applicable to both trending and non-trending markets, so it is suitable for a wide variety of traders. This is also a strategy that gives you many trading opportunities, but the profit rate is only average, but it requires time to monitor market movements continuously.

Learn, copy professional traders

At Exness, you can choose to trade based on the knowledge and experience of the most professional traders. Exness has a platform dedicated to copy trading called Exness social trading. When you go to the platform, you will see a bunch of traders trading on the Exness broker. You will see their profit and loss ratio, the level of risk they apply to the trade and the number of people following them. Then, if you find someone you like, you can choose and copy everything they do and pay a commission to that trader.

Every time that trader makes a trading action, that action will be automatically replicated on your account. The investment amount will be divided according to the capital ratio between you and that trader. For example if their capital is $2000 and yours is $1000, the volume you trade is also exactly half the volume they choose. Alternatively, you can also stop copying and trade the way you please at any time. This is one of the best ways to trade with Exness effectively.


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