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As it is known, Exness is a great broker for trading any currency you want, and of course, that includes Bitcoin too. This is one of the best Forex broker which offers Bitcoin trading. It is known that many brokers can do the same thing. But Exness BTC/USD trading condition is definitely the best.

How to trade bitcoin in Exness

You need to Open 1 Bitcoin account

You can find four different account types, and you need to choose them according to your needs. However I must say that the Standard account is the most popular account.  This is why it is highly recommended for you to open 1 Standard account to trade Bitcoin, especially if you are a beginner.

Open Exness Bitcoin Standard account here

If you don't know what Exness account you should open, you can read this article

Exness account

Login to your trading account

Once you logged in, you are going to find a few Exness accounts which you created as below.

You are going to need this information:

- Account number as below example is 733408x

- Server is from 1

- 7. Below is server real 4.

Exness Bitcoin trading account

It is necessary for you to fill the Log in information

There are 3 aspects that you need to fill.

- Account number.

- Password

- Server

Study the Bitcoin price chart

You are going to find over 130 currency pairs in Exness. But the Bitcoin symbol is known all around the world.

Right-click to this symbol and then choose “Chart Window” then you are going to see the Exness BTC/USD price chart.

Let’s Buy/Sell Bitcoin

It is really simple, you just have to enter a number of coins you are willing to buy/sell and click buy or sell.

Finally, your orders will be accomplished within a click and a millisecond

Exness BTC/USD trading benefits

Bitcoin leverage

Almost all the Forex brokers offer lower leverages for Bitcoin trading. For example, XM’s highest leverage is 1:10 for Bitcoin trading.

In the other hand, Exness offers high leverage for Bitcoin which is: 1:50. This means you can pay 1/50 lower just to buy a coin. Let me give you an example:

If the trade in Exness BTC/USD is 30,000 USD, you only pay 30,000/50=600$.

Clearly, you need to know that is just bitcoin trading and not bitcoin owning

Low spread

Exness started to offer the Exness BTC/USD trading service for the first time on September 2017. This broker has always offered the tightest spread and no commission.  You can know that because at the beginning the spread will be around 5 - 7$ each coin, meanwhile other brokers offer 15 - 20$ spread per coin.

It doesn’t matter if the market spread goes up to 100 - 500$ as usual; Exness, incredibly, keeps the tightest Bitcoin spread from 20 - 120$/coin. This is the main reason why most Bitcoin traders choose the Exness BTC/USD.


Peter Pan

Hey, I’m Peter Pan. I am a writer currently resided in Thailand. For my forex experience, I have been trading with many forex brokers from all over the world for 5 years now. I hope that my articles about forex brokers can help you succeed in this market just like me.

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