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Currency trading or FOREX market is the most significant financial market regarding regular billing and liquidity. Currency trading is exceptionally profitable. FOREX traders have to correctly anticipate whether a specific currency will increase or decrease in value to earn money. FOREX brokers buy or sell a significant amount of national currencies for customers, being financial services professionals. They work for the leading brokerage firms, investment banks and hedge funds. Specifically, we will be reviewing the HotForex office locations and support team. HotForex it's a European investment company located in Cyprus that provides services as a broker worldwide. This brand is part of the HF Markets Group, and it’s an award-winning brand, with more than 200 employees all around the world, more than 500,000 accounts and support in around 27 languages.

hotforex support and office location

HotForex is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). One of the features of this online broker is the absence of an operations desk. Therefore it is a broker classified as NDD (No Dealing Desk) and executes operations directly in the market by STP (Straight through Processing) and ECN (Electronic Communications Network) execution. Also, it offers a pair of platforms; these are Metatrader 4 and Webtrader. The MT4 platform has the mobile versions of Android operating system as well as iOs, as it has become increasingly common in this type of brokers, this is a significant advantage because it lets us know that it is very accessible and we could have it within reach of our hands, managing it from the comfort of any place. It also differs from other stock markets in that it is available all day for most of the week. That means that operations can be carried out at any time of day and night. That is a timely change for many investors who may not have time to operate during a challenging day of work. You may wonder how it works, well, they give you two options: as a follower and as strategy provider. As a follower, you will be able to sign up under any of the strategy providers and follow the strategy you wish. You can access your account to monitor the trading, close positions, and more. And, as a strategy provider, you can open an account, then create a profile to demonstrate your skills and you will eventually see your results, you can start accepting followers, and get rewarded based on the agreed performance fees. If there are any HotForex scams, you will be protected.

How Does The HotForex support team Function?

When it comes to foreign currency investment, a set of currencies that are quoted jointly in a currency pair is initially compared. The value of these two currencies is established when one makes an investment, and it will change over time. For your operation to be profitable, you will want to own the pair that increases its value against the other currency so that it leaves the winning position. This variation in cost can occur very quickly due to events inside and outside the country that the coin represents, so you will need to control your investment on these movements regularly and get the maximum possible return from the operation. There are some tools offered by the HotForex support team and programs that you can use to help you perform these operations automatically. As you gain more experience in currency trading, you can start using these automated tools to assist you in your activities. It is important to mention that it provides the user with various types of accounts that range from trading software to tools to facilitate individual and institutional clients that operate in FOREX and CDS through the Internet.

Clients include retailers, affiliates and white brands and they have the opportunity to access various spreads and liquidity through trading platforms. HotForex offers an unrivalled variety of HotForex trading account that customers can select to enjoy a customised trading experience that perfectly meets each of their needs. And the best part of this is that it has superior trading conditions and execution with unparalleled speed, HotForex provides all the necessary tools and services for customers to achieve their goals of trading fully. This brand accomplishes the investor protection regulations; the accounts of HotForex's clients are independent of those of the broker itself and cannot be used to pay the creditors in the unlikely case of insolvency of the company, which supposes an additional guarantee for traders, and therefore, it is very reliable. With this company, you can learn how to invest a Free Demo account with both Metatrader and Webtrader investment platforms without putting your money at risk and without a time limit. The initial virtual balance is $ 100,000. If all the above mentioned has not been enough, and you keep asking yourself: why use HotForex?

Well the list is still going on and on, they have their HotForex support team always dedicated to the needs of customers, continually innovating promotions, total transparency and more than 7 years of experience which have earned them more than 20 awards for their excellent work, including Best Online Broker in Asia 2012, Best Online Broker Eastern Europe, Best FX Online Broker 2012, Best FX Broker in China 2013, Business Excellence 2015, The Bizz 2017 Peak of Success, and many more. They also offer credit bonds, creating an account is free, you can also make transactions with just one click thanks to its automated system, and it is risk-free and offers a wide variety of platform options. It also has educational and commercial material, and even a financial calendar to always be up to date. Everything you may be looking for currencies-wise you could be able to find in HotForex.

Where Can You Find The HotForex Offices?

The HotForex office location can be found in their home country, Cyprus, with the HF offices located at 50 Spyrou Kyprianou, at the Irida 3 tower in the 10th floor, 6057 Larnaca, Cyprus. Besides that, a newer HotForex office location can be found in Johannesburg, South Africa. The aforementioned HotForex office locations provide excellent and strategic positioning in the main capitals of the FOREX industry.


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