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Let's check out the latest updates of the financial market today.

Target not acquired

The TikTok deal that Donald Trump signed on Saturday was barely doing what the president initially called for. In July, Trump threatened to ban an app used by 100 million Americans unless China gave control of its company, its algorithms, and its data to the United States. But ByteDance Ltd. China remains a major shareholder in a new US company that will include new investments by Oracle and Walmart in a future fundraising round. The algorithm itself - what makes TikTok - will still belong to ByteDance, so experts say there are still national security concerns.

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And what does the government have to pay in return? That turned into a vague $5 billion new tax promise for the US Treasury Department. Meanwhile, ByteDance is seeking a $60 billion valuation for TikTok in the deal, according to a person with information on the matter. And the Trump administration's WeChat restrictions were delayed by a judge, rejecting attempts to stop using a China-owned app in the United States.

Two thousand billion dollars

A new investigation by the International Association of Investigative Journalists alleges that global banks that carried out more than $2 trillion in transactions between 1999-2017 were subject to internal compliance by their employees. Financial institutions are flagged to launder money or commit other criminal activities. Banks "continued to benefit from powerful and dangerous players" over the past two decades even after the United States imposed penalties on these financial institutions, according to reports based on financial institutions. The leaked data was obtained by BuzzFeed News and shared with the group. Analysis shows that the top two banks, Deutsche Bank, have disclosed $1.3 trillion in suspicious money in filing and JPMorgan, disclosed $514 billion.

Mảket on Monday

Asian stocks started the week more gently after a drop on Wall Street on Friday; while US stock futures go down when trading starts for the week. Copper CNH increased higher. Other currencies have seen modest moves, with the dollar fairly stable against major G-10 currencies. Japanese stock markets are closed for the holiday season and Treasury Bonds will not trade until London markets open. Futures markets showed slight declines in Australia and Hong Kong. Crude oil prices down. Investors are still watching for any signs of progression towards the U.S. financial stimulus package, while Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will testify before Congress Tuesday through Thursday to discuss. commentary on pandemic relief efforts. The UK Health Minister said the country is at a "tipping point" when the number of deaths is close to 200,000 people or more.

Dark days for the dollar

The dollar's weakest quarter in a decade could get worse as investors react to the effects that massive returns on the US stock market have on portfolio composition. their. The Bloomberg Dollar Index fell nearly 5% this quarter and is on the biggest slide since 2010 as the US economy shows signs of recovery from a pandemic-induced recession. That more upbeat story helped bolster a 7% gain in the S&P 500 Index, sending shares from Japan to the euro zone and Canada reluctantly rising - not to mention losses to UK stocks and Australia. In the coming days, that could lead to investors selling dollars and buying ineffective equity market-related currencies, such as the British pound and the Australian dollar.

A quick nomination

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has fueled Republican efforts to accelerate the replacement of late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court, warning that such a process will "cause out "irreversible damage" to the country. Biden said on Sunday: "Too many things are at stake: The right to health care, clean air, clean water, the environment, equal pay at work, the rights of voters, immigrants, women, workers. And right now, our country is faced with a choice: a choice about whether we will come back from the brink.”

forex news Sep 21

Mrs. Ginsburg dying of cancer at age 87 on Friday há reshaped the presidential run with 44 days left until the election and gave Mr. Trump the chance to push the supreme court back to the far right by replacing a new Justice in the Justice Department Mr. Trump said on Saturday that he would nominate his choice, almost certainly a woman, this week. Appeal Courts Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa.


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