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I always say that on Friday, we must check out the updates on the financial market to prepare the most suitable forex trading strategy.

Another executive order

Donald Trump has signed a moratorium on U.S. investments in Chinese companies identified as owned or controlled by the military, the latest attempt by the White House to put pressure on Beijing about what the president has described as abusive business behavior. According to the executive order, China is "increasingly exploiting" US capital to "develop and modernize its military, intelligence and other security apparatus". Meanwhile, Mr. Trump's support for Beijing's critics in Taiwan and Hong Kong represents the early test of the newly elected but inaugural Joe Biden. And this weekend, China will join 14 other Asia-Pacific countries with the aim of reaching the world's largest free trade agreement, the culmination of the mission of greater economic integration in the areas spanning decades in Beijing.

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Bearish market

Asian stocks are likely to follow US equities falling on Friday - futures markets pointing to modest losses in Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia - due to a recurrence of coronavirus infections adding to anxiety. fear that stricter restrictions could slow economic recovery. The S&P 500 fell 1% as New York prepared to close schools, while Chicago urged residents to stay home. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is retreating from stimulus talks and leaving Congress to reinstate those talks. Yields on 10-year Treasuries fell back below 0.90% and the dollar moved higher.

Not so fast

Three of the world's top central bank leaders have warned that the Covid-19 vaccine prospect is not enough to end economic challenges. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said in an online discussion: “We see the economy is continuing on the path of a solid recovery, but the main risk we see is clearly that the epidemic is spreading. wide in the United States. The next few months can be very challenging. ”Mr. Powell has been on the board of British Central Bank Governor Andrew Bailey and ECB President Christine Lagarde. They both echoed his caution, adding to the Recent warnings from other central banks about complacency The number of new daily Covid-19 infections is hitting record in the US and Europe.

More blamings

China says Australia must bear responsibility for deteriorating relations between the two countries. Wang Wenbin, Spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday: “For a while, Australia has violated the basic rules governing international relations, and wrong words and actions mistakes on issues regarding China's core interests, including those related to Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan, and blatant interference in China's internal affairs. "Canberra said it is seeking to resolve the dispute through diplomatic and other official channels, comment comes following the report of several trade bans last week.

news Nov 13

Not buying

High-performance hedge fund managers will not buy in so-called "stay-at-home" stocks or reopen transactions that are susceptible to virus growth. Instead, Richard Stubbs of Auckland-based Castle Point Funds Management said he is targeting companies with strong fundamental analysis he expects to be able to withstand such short-term market cycles. . "Focusing on short-term earnings, election results and other uncontrollable factors can often be ineffective in times of volatility," he said. There has been a global shift among equity investors from fast-growing companies to parts of the market that have been grappling with blockades and economic pain earlier this week following the news. News by Pfizer. It's the result of being in a hurry and realizing that getting back to normal is still a tough job.


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