Jan 06, 2020

Hey guys, it's Monday, which means we should get updates on how the world is moving. By doing that, we can know what type of trading strategies is the most suitable. Let's check out the hottest world news right now.

Tension in Iran

The tensions continued after the US launched Qassem Soleimani, Iran's top general. On Sunday, Iran said it would no longer comply with any restrictions on uranium enrichment and the Iranian parliament voted to deport US troops from the country. President Donald Trump told US lawmakers that he was ready to attack Iran "more aggressively" if the Islamic Republic attacked any US target; while Secretary of State Michael Pompeo argued that any action against Teheran (the national capital) would be considered "legal". Soleimani, who is revered in the country, is cursed in some foreign areas.

Market at the beginning of the week

Financial markets will likely face a volatile start of the week in Asia after geopolitical tensions erupted in the Middle East. The Japanese futures market fell after traders had just returned from a holiday last week. Futures in Sydney and Hong Kong also fell. Gold prices and Treasury Bonds have climbed a flight to the safe zone. The yen also appreciated. All metrics for major Middle Eastern stocks fell on Sunday and the S&P 500 reported the biggest loss in a month on Friday. Also on Friday, the price of oil surged and probably will start this week in a very unstable state when the United States warned Iran that it could strike Saudi Arabia again.

“The Big Man” in Hong Kong

China has appointed a new top official in Hong Kong, signaling its intention to restore law and order to the city after nearly seven months in turmoil. Luo Huining will take over Wang Zhimin as Hong Kong liaison office director. He is a party loyalist, although he has no experience living in Hong Kong, but he is trusted by the Chinese media for bringing stability to mainland Shanxi Province during his time as Party Secretary. here. On Sunday, dozens of people were arrested in the New Territories after an approved parade; The police had to shoot tear gas in response to the petrol bomb attack on the police station. As the unrest continues, some parents in the city are full of anxiety and are looking to move their children to schools in Singapore.

737 Max is back

The Wall Street Journal reported that federal aviation regulators are considering asking pilots to complete the mock training before they can operate the Boeing 737 MAX jet again. The Federal Aviation Administration initially rejected the idea, but in recent weeks, officials said safety experts from the agency and aviation industry have been more concerned with such training requirements. According to the FAA Magazine's decision, nothing to expect until at least February and the situation is still "not at all guaranteed". The planes have been grounding since March after two accidents within months that left hundreds of people dead.