Jan 08, 2020

The world is getting hotter. The tension between Iran and America is escalating everyday. Now, it's time to get updated on the world's events to see what forex trading strategies should we use today.

Threats from Iran

Iran says it is considering 13 possible ways to cause a "historic nightmare" for the United States for killing a mighty Iranian general - his departure has left many in tears. regret. Earlier, Iranian officials had said that US forces in the region would be their target and yesterday, the Iranian parliament was targeting terrorist Pentagon and affiliated companies in the United States. According to the Associated Press, the United States has also issued a warning to the Middle East about the possibility of Iran taking action against US maritime activities. In Brussels, the foreign ministers of France, Germany and the United States are holding an emergency meeting to discuss their options to try to ease tensions.

Facing the publics

After more than a year of running away from public opinion, Carlos Ghosn will eventually face the media once again, but this time not as a legendary CEO of cars, but as a world famous fugitive. Although there have been dozens of articles written about the former CEO of Nissan Motor Co. and Renault SA since his arrest in Tokyo in November 2018, but he has yet to speak publicly in addition to several interviews, a hastily recorded video message and court testimony. However, today, that will change. Ghosn will prepare to hold a press conference to share all the handicaps in Beirut - the city he fled to after the escape by private jet from Japan just over a week ago. The former CEO has implied that he will point out those he deems responsible for his downfall, including government officials.

Chinese market looking positive

Investors are grabbing on to Chinese financial assets, putting aside concerns about tensions in the Middle East and focusing instead on the process of trade negotiations with the United States, as well as signs. showing that the world's second largest economy can remain stable. Improved confidence helped the renminbi rise 0.5% yesterday, pushing it to its strongest gain since early August. The CSI 300 index closed near a 2-year high when volume Soaring deals. The return of the risky appetite for appetite in China comes amid growing optimism that Beijing and Washington will likely sign an initial trade agreement shortly after next week.

The markets today

Asian futures markets were mixed after US stocks slumped amid tensions with Iran. The dollar is starting to decline and the Australian dollar fell more than 1% when investors assessed the impact of the wildfires on the economy. Oil prices continue to fall from the highs of many months. Gold prices rise.