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Hey everyone, it's Valentine's day. Love is in the air. Anh you know what that means? That's right. Let's make love to your trades. Just kidding, though. So, we should check out the latest updates of today, Februaray 14, and see which forex trading strategies we should use.

Alibaba is feeling it

Alibaba is starting to feel the heat from the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus. The company warns that the virus that kills more than 1,300 people in China is affecting the nation's consumers and merchants fundamentally, and will hurt sales growth in the current quarter. ty. Alibaba, China's first major technology group to report results since the outbreak in January, said the virus was weakening production in the economy because many workers were unable to earn a living. work or do their job. It has also changed the shopping model when consumers have eliminated arbitrary expenses, including travel and restaurants. Shares of the Chinese e-commerce giant, listed in the United States, closed with a 1.8% decline yesterday.

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Chaotic market

Today, Asian stocks are likely to start a turbulent trading session as investors consider the latest developments of Corona virus and ponder the news about the Fed will pump more liquidity. Treasury bonds have risen higher. The futures market in Hong Kong and Australia has not changed, and the market in Japan has fallen. 

For the first time, the S&P 500 index closed with a decline this week when the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said it would narrow its acquisition deal more than analysts had expected. product. The pound gained after Sajid Javid stepped down as finance minister of the UK. Elsewhere, oil prices rose for the third session, the longest series of gains since early January. Gold prices also pushed higher.

A strike at Huawei

The United States has been more aggressive in its battle with Huawei by using a historical law involving the prosecution of mafia figures to claim that the Chinese company has been involved in intellectual property theft for decades. century. The new U.S. allegations are intended to plot to overthrow and increase the potential punishment for Huawei. The Ministry of Justice said: "Huawei broke the law of cutting R&D expenses, giving the company a significant and unfair competitive advantage." 

Prosecutors said: "Even the company has launched a bonus program to reward employees who have confidential information from competitors." The new allegations describe a company that has gained international standing by stealing trade secrets, evading U.S. sanctions and lying to the authorities.

Tesla opens for sale

Tesla is selling about $ 2 billion in common stock, taking advantage of the surging stock. Tesla assumes: "Assuming underwriters make the option to buy additional securities, the offering could yield about $ 2.3 billion in interest." That would help fund $ 3.5 billion in capital spending this year, a plan the company revealed less than an hour earlier. Tesla shares rose 4.8% on Thursday after analysts said the offering would help strengthen the company's balance sheet and support Musk's growth plans. 

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The stock has more than tripled since the company released its first positive earnings report in October. The share offering was an unexpected turning point for 48-year-old Musk, who stated that Tesla can raise money on its own without the help of Wall Street. He said: "The company spent reasonably and did not keep the expenses in a way that limited progress."


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