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What is the hottest international event of 2018? Many will agree that it’s the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Following the trend, Exness Limited, a company of Exness Group registered in the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which can be referred to as Exness VC, is organizing the Forex World Cup 2018 Contest, or Exness World Cup Contest in short. It welcomes traders who is over 18 years old to open an Exness demo account and register to take part in the contest.

Forex World Cup 2018 Contest

Rounds and registration


The contest consists of 13 rounds in total:

  • Round 1: from April 2 08:00 GMT to April 6 22:00 GMT
  • Round 2: from April 23 08:00 GMT to April 27 22:00 GMT
  • Round 3: from May 14 08:00 GMT to May 18 22:00 GMT
  • Round 4: from June 4 08:00 GMT to June 8 22:00 GMT
  • Round 5: from June 25 08:00 GMT to June 29 22:00 GMT
  • Round 6: from July 16 08:00 GMT to July 20 22:00 GMT
  • Round 7: from August 6 08:00 GMT to August 10 22:00 GMT
  • Round 8: from August 27 08:00 GMT to August 31 22:00 GMT
  • Round 9: from September 17 08:00 GMT to September 21 22:00 GMT
  • Round 10: from October 8 08:00 GMT to October 12 22:00 GMT
  • Round 11: from October 29 08:00 GMT to November 2 22:00 GMT
  • Round 12: from November 12 08:00 GMT to November 16 22:00 GMT
  • Grand Finale: from December 10 08:00 GMT to December 21 22:00 GMT


However, the registration period for opening a demo account and registering to participate in the contest will be:

  • Round 1 to 3: from March 12, 08:00 GMT to May 18, 22:00 GMT
  • Round 4 to 6: from May 14, 08:00 GMT to July 20, 22:00 GMT
  • Round 7 to 9: from July 16, 08:00 GMT to September 21, 22:00 GMT
  • Round 10 to 12: from September 17, 08:00 GMT to November 16, 22:00 GMT
  • Grand Finale: from November 19, 08:00 GMT to December 21, 22:00 GMT

It’s very easy to participate in the contest. You just need to open a demo account within the registration period and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the contest (you can check it here). Remember, each contestant is allowed to use only one demo account and there is a maximum of 1 prize for each winner, except the Grand Finale in which all winners will be eligible to participate and win. The best five traders of each round of the contest, who are called the “Champions”, will be chosen amongst the participants whose account has the biggest profitability at end of the contest period. For each contest demo account, a virtual amount of $1,000 will be deposited by Exness itself.

The prizes

There will be five champions in each round, and their prizes will be given according to the following order:

  • The champion with the biggest profitability will receive the prize of $3,000.
  • The second champion will receive the prize of $2,000.
  • The third champion will receive the prize of $1,000.
  • The fourth and fifth champions will receive the prize of $500 each.

exness contest

Note that the prizes consist of 50% bonus and 50% cash which is made available to the champions’ new Mini Account in the future. As mentioned above, there is a maximum of one prize for each winner, so a winner from best five traders of one round is not eligible to win in other rounds, with the exception of Grand Finale.

The Winners for each round will be announced on the Exness website within 10 working days after the completion of the contest round. The winners of all the prizes will also be contacted by Exness by email or phone call within five working days from the date of the announcement of the winners. If a winner does not respond within subsequent five working days from the date of being contacted by Exness, they will be disqualified and won’t be eligible to receive the prize. So what you are waiting for? Or you want to know Is Exness good or what?

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