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Leverage is a great tool for forex trading. There is no trader who doesn't use leverage in trading. Today, we will talk exclusively on forex leverage and the highest leverage rate in the market currently, Exness unlimited leverage.

What is leverage?

Leverage is the result of utilizing your borrowed capital as a source of funds when trading to expand your asset base and achieve returns on risk capital. Leverage is an investment tactic of using borrowed money, particularly the use of many different financial instruments or borrowed capital, to multiply the potential outcome of an investment. Leverage can also be referred as the amount of debt a firm uses to finance assets. When you regard a company’s property or investment as "highly leveraged", it means that property or investment has more debt than equity. Therefore, when you consider a forex broker, such as Exness, you should also put the leverage they offer into consideration to see if it is suitable for your trading strategies. Some brokers can offer very high leverage, and sometimes up to unlimited leverage.

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Exness’ leverage

Exness provide traders with highest leverage possible, sometimes up to unlimited. Inexperienced traders might consider higher leverage riskier. However, experienced ones think that there is no harm in trading with higher leverage. It isn’t up to the leverage. The real deciding factors are your trading strategies, experience, and discipline. Just stick to your trading plans and trade according to your analyzation, not your feelings. In addition, unlimited leverage means you don’t have to pay anything for margins. Therefore, you can keep your orders open for nothing. Check Exness’ leverage here.

Exness’ unlimited leverage

Exness is taking the lead in the forex market with the launch of an exclusive Unlimited Leverage offer. As a special service from Exness, the unlimited leverage gives traders the opportunity to trade with an insignificant amount of margin, to open many more positions and even bigger lots, and to use a variety of trading strategies.

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To ensure that Unlimited Leverage remains enjoyable to traders, the service's availability has been set to avoid the high volatile market period. As a responsible broker, Exness has also set in place other measures to ensure that the service is provided to traders with a certain level of trading experience. The service’s availability has been set to avoid the high volatile market period – that is why, it is available from Monday 00:00 GMT to Thursday 23:59 GMT. Leverage will be changed to 1:2000 on Friday, 00:00 GMT, thereby increasing margin requirements. This rule applies to both new and open transactions.

Exness has also put in place other measures to ensure that the service is provided to professional traders or traders with a certain level of trading experience. As an effort to prevent large market losses, the company is making the service available on accounts with less than $1,000 in equity. To make use of Unlimited Leverage, a client should trade at least 10 positions (excluding pending orders) and 5 lots (500 cent lots) across all real accounts in Personal Area.

Which Exness accounts can apply unlimited leverage?

For regular accounts (on MT4 platform. MT5 does not have unlimited leverage), if you have less than $1000 in your equity, you can use maximum leverage, which is 1:unlimited. If your fund is over $1000, the maximum leverage is 1:2000. Unlimited leverage is not available for Zero account. For Exness Standard account, the highest leverage is 1:2000.

Beside unlimited leverage, why should you choose Exness?

Exness is a very reliable forex broker who has made their name in the forex market. From the very beginning, the thing that decides whether a broker is trustworthy or not is forex regulation. Exness has the regulations of CySEC and FCA, which can guarantee safety and security for their traders. Therefore, you can totally be confident when trading with Exness.

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