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Before you open an account and start trading at Exness forex broker, you need to know on which platform you will be trading because each of Exness trading platforms has its own features and tools that are suitable for different trading strategies. Therefore, you need to check out this article to know how many forex trading markets there are at Exness.


Exness trading platforms

When trading at Exness, you can choose among 4 different trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebTerminal, and Exness Terminal. The last one may sound a little unfamiliar but Exness Terminal does actually exist. It is a customizable and complex trading platform that is completely created and developed by the Exness technology team.

MetaTrader 4 trading platform

This is the most common trading platform in the forex market. The majority of Exness traders choose the MT4 platform because:

  • Various strategies can be applied using this trading platform.
  • Both market execution and instant execution are available.
  • Traders can optimize their technical analysis through a variety of analytical tools (up to 23) and more than 30 forex indicators available on the platform.
  • EA trading (or robot forex) is also available on this Exness trading platform.

MetaTrader 5 trading platform

This platform can be considered an upgrade from MetaTrader 4. It has all the basic features of MT4 and adds a few more like:

  • MetaEditor
  • MetaQuotes 5 language
  • Negative account protection
  • More chart types and timeframes
  • Various tools for fundamental analysis
  • Up to 38 forex indicators together with 22 analytical tools as well as 46 charting tools

WebTerminal platform

WebTerminal (meaning you trade directly on your Internet browser) is an Exness trading platform that has the following features:

  • No download required
  • Fast execution speed thatnks to the HTML5 language
  • Improved security thanks to data decoding
  • It has all the most basic requirements of a forex trading platform.
  • Various Exness trading orders available for traders
  • Real-time quotes
  • Customizable charts
  • Fundamental analysis tools


Exness Terminal trading platform

Similar to WebTerminal, Exness Terminal is also a web-base trading platform. The main advantage is that it can be used in both web and mobile browsers. Exness Terminal is developed entirely by the Exness coder staff. This means Exness has the ability to continually improve it to give their customers a better user experience. Exness also has tailor-made mobile apps developed by their in-house developers.

Main features include:

  • Transaction history and portfolio
  • Currency symbols
  • Deposit tab for real and demo accounts
  • Trading forex
  • Live chat support
  • Chart tools and timeframe

Why is the MT4 platform so trusted?

Many features

The number of features was one of the main reasons why MetaTrader4 became so popular when the platform was first introduced in 2005. MT4 features are now the market standard, but at the time, Competition is scarce and other platforms lack the key features that MT4 offers. But the company doesn't stop there, constantly rolling out new features.

These extras include - news section, signals section, one-click trading and additional trading tools.


Easy to use

When traders are active, their main preoccupation is to beat the market and end up in profit. Therefore, it is very important to simplify the trading platform. MT4 has all the features and indicators you need as we mentioned above, but it is very simple and you can navigate through it quite easily.


Convenience is a must for a trading platform. MT4 offers it in various aspects but the most important ones are:

  • Server Stability: MT4 Server is vastly improved over its predecessor and the rest of the competition. It can support tens of thousands of concurrent transactions.
  • Communication: In the client terminal there is a mailbox section that allows forex brokers to communicate important information to their clients in real time, which is very convenient for them and saves a lot of money. lots of trouble.
  • Security: MT4's security is almost perfect. It has been upgraded from previous versions to prevent DoS threats and connects both ends of the 129-bit key.

Easy to customize

Customizability is a very important feature as it saves traders a lot of precious time opening all the charts and setting all the indicators to their liking. Basically, you can customize everything in your MT4. You can arrange the way the windows are displayed, change the appearance of the chart, enter all kinds of internal and external indicators, arrange the symbols in your preferred order and switch accounts easily from one account to another. All these changes can be saved so that the next time you open the platform, it will appear as it was the last moment you closed it.

And that is the combination of the types of trading platforms at Exness that you need to know. The most common types are MT4 and MT5. Exness Terminal is not really complete, so it is hardly used by anyone.


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