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When you just start trading forex, it is not easy at all. In fact, statistics have shown that 9 out of every 10 beginners lose all their money at the beginning. That’s the reason why many are advised to trade demo account first. We strongly believe that this is not the best way to avoid loss from the start. Trading with small accounts like Exness Standard Cent account is better. Let us explain. Demo account is rigged by forex brokers. It is too easy and unreal. You can win a lot with demo account, but it is just because you’re trading in a demo environment. It is unrealistic. You cannot feel the pressure of losing your real money. When you come to real accounts, you will break under that pressure. That’s why we never advise our followers to practice too long with demo account. You should start with real account as soon as possible.

Exness Standard Cent account

So, you trade with real account, and it is easy to lose money. What’s the solution? Well, Exness Standard Cent account is here for you. Cent means that when you deposit money into your account, 1 dollar will automatically be transferred to 100 cents. This can let you trade for very a long time with little money. So we must say Exness Standard Cent account is the best for forex beginners.

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Exness Standard Cent account details

Trading instrument Currency pairs & Metals
Spread From 0.3 pip
Commission None
Maximum leverage 1:Unlimited
      Minimum deposit required      1 USD
Minimum lot size 0.01
Maximum lot size 200
Maximum positions 1000
Margin call 60%


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The advantages of Exness Standard Cent account

Maybe you don’t know this but most big forex brokers in the world don’t have accounts as small as Exness Standard Cent account. It is mostly offered by small and new brokers. Obviously that we don’t recommend trading with them. Big and famous brokers are more reliable and safer for you to trade with.

Exness is one of the largest forex brokers in the world and yet they still offer Standard Cent account. How big is Exness? Well, their last month’s trading volume was 785 billion dollars. Their main competitors only have 300 to 400 billion. You can see that Exness is two or three times bigger than their competitors. Offering Standard Cent account show that Exness really cares about all levels of traders.

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Now, let’s check other advantages of Exness broker:

Exness is very reliable

Besides being a huge broker, Exness is among the top reliable brokers because they are well regulated. Exness has obtained two forex regulations, which are CySEC and FCA. They are among the top forex regulations in the world. Moreover, Exness publishes all of their business reports on the homepage so that their customers can check out. Exness’ numbers are audited by Deloitte, a big and famous auditor in the financial industry.

 Check Exness regulations here

Exness Standard Cent account 1

Exness doesn’t require big deposit

There is no requirement for deposit with Exness Standard Cent account. You can deposit any amount of money you want and start trading right away. This is very important for beginners because most traders just want to invest a little to test the broker.

 Check Exness deposit here

Exness allows really small trading lots

As I mentioned above, with Exness Standard Cent account, your positions are measured in cents. That means you can open as low as 0.0001 lot. This is the smallest amount available in the market. Opening very small positions allows you to practice trading for months with just little money, which is perfect for forex beginners.

Exness has high leverage

Although it is just a Cent account, you can apply Exness highest leverage on it. Exness offers the leverage of 1:Unlimited. This is the highest rate in the market. No other brokers can offer you this.

 Check Exness leverage.

Exness is super fast

When talking about Exness, we cannot forget to talk about its deposit/withdrawal system. This system is totally run by machines, which means your transactions are completed automatically and instantly. Exness is the only broker in the industry that can let you withdraw profits in the matter of seconds. Nobody else can give you this.

 Check Exness withdrawal system here

Exness support is around the clock

It is easy to understand that beginners need a lot of support. When trading Exness Standard Cent account, you can get in touch with Exness support team through email, phone calls, or live chat. Moreover, Exness can support customers in many languages such as Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Korean, and many more. They are available 24/7 and ready to assist you with anything.

exness account


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