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Recently, Exness just has its own wardrobe changed. They changed the look of the website (to what I think is more modern, dynamic, and eye-catching). Then, they renamed all of their trading accounts. The one the most traders choose, Mini account, is now called Exness Standard account. This account is still the most chosen account on Exness platform. So, today we will learn whether there is anything new to this popular account of Exness.

 Check out Exness Standard account here!

Why do people choose Exness forex broker?

Choosing a good broker to trade with is very important in forex trading and Exness really stands out as the most suitable forex broker for all levels of traders.

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Exness Standard account

First of all, Exness has really low trading fees. For starters, it only costs as low as 1 dollar to open an account at Exness. Then, when you trade with Exness, you can easily find that their spread and commission are lower than many other brokers in the forex market. Thanks to the cheap trading cost, forex traders rush to Exness like it is Black Friday.

 Check Exness spread and commission here

Moreover, as reliability is the most important factor of a broker, Exness obtains the CySEC and FCA forex regulations. You don’t need to worry much about safety and scams when trading with Exness. 

 Check Exness regulations here

Finally, Exness trading system is amazing. They have the fastest execution speed. The deposit/withdrawal system is instant. You can’t find any other brokers who can be as fast as Exness.

 Check Exness deposit/withdrawal system here

Why 80% of traders choose Exness Standard account?

When people open a trading account at Exness, most of them will choose Exness Standard account. Exness reports show that 80% of its customers are using Standard account. Why is it so popular? Let’s see the reasons:

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Exness Standard account 1

Low cost

For this account, the spread is only as low as 0.3 pip, one of the lowest spreads in the market for a real account. Moreover, no commission is charged. All Exness real accounts are free of commission or any hidden fees.

Low deposit 

Only 1 dollar for minimum deposit. For brokers as big as Exness, they can require up to hundreds of dollars.

 Check Exness minimum deposit for Standard account here

Low minimum trading volume

For Exness Standard account, you can open positions at only 0.01 lot. You can open up to 200 lots at once (at Exness Limited VC). This is suitable for long-term traders who want to open many positions to reduce the risk.

 Check Exness trading volume for Standard account

Unlimited leverage

Leverage is the ratio of equity to loan capital. To apply a leverage to your account, you have to borrow an amount of money from the broker. With the unlimited leverage available for Exness Standard account, you can enjoy free margin when trading.

 Check Exness unlimited leverage for Standard account

Safety and transparency

When it comes to trading your hard-earned money, you must find the most reliable and transparent brokers to do business with. And nobody can compete with Exness about transparency. First of all, all financial records are uploaded to Exness home page. Secondly, Exness doesn’t have any hidden fees, which can be confirmed by thousands of traders since.

Exness Standard account 2

Instant deposit/withdrawal

Withdrawing money from a forex broker is arguably the most frustrating part of forex trading. Some brokers can take up to days to process your demand. That’s not the case with Exness. Exness deposit/withdrawal process is done instantly all thanks to the advanced automated system they developed. You can really see the difference between Exness and their competitors.


Traders of all levels can work with Exness Standard account because it has many advantages. Thanks to its various perks and features, almost all forex trading strategies can be applied to this account. So what are you waiting for now? Open an Exness Standard account now and start making profits.


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