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Exness just launched social trading in March. And instantly, it has got a lot of attention from traders around the world. Actually, social trading isn't something new in the forex world. The idea of social trading (or copy trading) is that you follow a professional trader on a platform. Then, whenever that trader makes any move, you will do the same with your account. Though it sounds complicated, actually everything is done automatically thanks to the platform. We are so familiar with copy trade platforms of MQL5, Etoro, Zulu Trade... So, what makes Exness social trading platform better than them?

I must say that Exness social trading is nothing like other social trading platforms. They created themselves a platform and set their own rules. It doesn’t follow any rules, conventions that you were familiar with. For me, these changes are simpler and easier to practice than others. Their platform target at true investors who don't need to know how to trade but they can apply their investing strategies as stock trading.

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exness social trading

What is social trading?

I believe that you have heard of this phrase before. If you're still wondering what it is, let us give you the answer. Social trading is the action of observing other traders' trading activities (usually experts or professional traders) and copying what they do in order to make the same amount of profits. This type of investment is also called copy trade or mirror trading. There are many forex brokers who design a whole separate platform for social trading. Investors can go there to choose a trader they like and copy his/her strategy. The trader, in exchange, gets commission if they make profits.

What are the advantages of Exness social trading platform?

To start social trading with Exness, you need to go to the shared trading platforms of this broker. Like other shared trading platforms, Exness social trading platform is full of strategy providers as well as ranking tables for copiers to find out what they want easier. However, Exness gained some experience from other preceding brokers and made their shared trading platforms a lot better. Here is the Exness social trading review:

Exness social trading is reliable

We can guarantee the reliability of Exness thanks to the regulations granted for this broker. Exness is currently regulated by:

  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority): This is the number one forex regulator in the United Kingdom. Its reputation has spreaded all over the world and it is the organization that keeps Exness in check. Your money will be safe and protected as long as Exness is regulated by FCA.
  • CySEC (Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission): This is also a top-tier forex regulator in Europe. Since Exness is based in Cyprus, it must have this regulation in order to do business.

It’s simpler than other platforms

Exness social trading platform is very simple. They target at investors who only have money but don't know how to trade. That’s why Exness platform is also different from others. It doesn't show too detailed information of strategy providers (strategy) such as: equity, Stop Loss, Take Profit...

Investors only care about risk and profit rate. Investment strategies are to balance risk and profit.

Many strategies to follow

Exness has over 40,000 monthly active clients. And most of them are big and experienced traders (that's why these 40,000 traders have contributed around $400 billions in terms of trading volume monthly) so there are many quality strategies for you to copy.

We all know that the number one investment rule is to never put all your eggs in one basket. Exness understands that so it offers investors a very wide range of forex trading strategies to choose. Moreover, understanding that each trader will choose a strategy based on different factors, Exness has up to 6 distinguished filters for followers to decide which strategies they want to choose. The 6 filters Exness provides are:

  • The most copied strategies   Check here.
  • Strategies with moderate risk   Check here.
  • Most profits per month   Check here.
  • Most profits in 3 months   Check here.
  • Strategies with low commission   Check here.
  • New strategies   Check here.

We here at BRKV believe that you should definitely follow multiple strategies at the same time to avoid the risk of losing all of your money. The factor that investors depend on the most are profit rate and risk score. We strongly agree that the risk score of a strategy should be the highest priority to you.

exness copy trading

No minimum position volume

It is very weird, isn’t it? Every trader knows that the minimum position volume is 0.01 for the top best forex brokers! But Exness social trading accounts don’t limit this! You can even copy position as small as 0.000000000001 lot USD.

This is the best advantage because sometimes, investors just want to test their investment strategies first. So, they want to invest only a little money at the beginning, while Exness traders tend to deposit big amount of money. So, if Exness limits the minimum volume, investors cannot copy 100% their followed strategies. And if so, sometime it leads to loss if investors can’t copy those positions. So, this is a remarkable feature that is highly appreciated.

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So, what is the principle of the copy? The copy is based on equity rate. If the strategy equity is $10,000 and your equity is $100, the copy rate is 1:100. It means that if the strategy opens a 0.01 lot, the copy is 0.0001.

Check Exness minimum deposit.

More high-quality strategies and traders

What are the differences between Exness traders and other social trading platform traders? For me, Exness strategies are much better and safer, because of the trading purpose. For other social trading platforms, the traders’ purpose is to be at the top of the ranking list and get money from investors who follow their strategies. So, they have many ways to cheat investors. They will do many shady things to keep their strategies nice and attractive until they’ve got Stop-out. And then they will create new strategies. Actually, each trader will create hundreds strategies until their strategies reach the top. Check to see if Exness has scams.

And the winner will get a lot of money from being at the top. Vice versa, at Exness, traders trade because of their trading profit. The current 40,000 active clients are real traders. Their top purpose of creating account is for trading, not for selling their strategies. So, they tend to deposit more and trade safer. Their main income is from their trades. That's why they are more careful when making trading decisions. So, most of them won’t cheat investors by open many strategy accounts. They just have 1 - 2 accounts for trading for years.

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What are the disadvantages of Exness social trading app?

Many traders have complained to me that Exness social trading platform is not as transparent as others:

  • They can’t check strategy’s equity.
  • They can’t check strategy’s risk management such as Stop Loss or Take Profit.
  • They don't show the principle of measuring risk.

As I said earlier, Exness wants to build a social trading platform for only investors who don't know how open a position, or things like take profit, stop loss... Investors know investing strategies which is balancing between profit and risk. They will create themselves investment portfolio by copying strategies.

See the list of strategies  here

exness social

Should we trade forex? Is forex safe?

In fact, Forex is a legal global investment field. Forex market with extremely large cash flow between banks, investment funds, companies, corporations ... You can make a lot of profits if you know the right way to invest. In European and American countries this market is no longer unfamiliar to the people here. In Asia, forex is still relatively new and misleading. Because of that, you need to consider and equip yourself with a certain amount of knowledge to invest.

Every day the Forex market has a transaction amount of up to trillions of dollars. With such a huge transaction volume. So this market has extremely high liquidity. Unlike the stock market, here you can buy or sell a certain currency pair whether the market is going up or down. Besides, the rate of the currency pair also changes frequently. Therefore, traders always have the opportunity to place orders at any time.

With daily transaction volume amounting to trillions of dollars. So no single person or organization can manipulate this market.

Forex is a market that never sleeps. It works 24 hours a day. And open from Monday to Friday of the week. You can trade anytime you want. As long as you have free time and an internet connection.

However, the number of people who succeed and make a steady profit on the Forex market is very small, as more than 90% of investors face failures in this market. Therefore, you should choose a safer way to invest in this market, which is copy trading. More specifically, copy trade on Exness copy trading platform.

What is good about Exness?

Exness has all the accounts that are suitable for all types of traders:

Exness Standard Cent account 

First is the type of traders who’ve never once made a transaction or any investment before. For this kind of trader, Standard Cent account is especially convenient since it only costs a few dollars for this type of account in order for its user to trade for months. To be more specific, a deposition of $10 on average last for 2 – 3 months of regular trading. As for this type of account, the lowest spread is around 0.3.

Traders who use Scalp robots can take advantage of Exness Standard Cent account as well due to its small trading order volume (0.01 lot Cent ~ 0.0001 lot USD)

The type of trader who would benefit the most from Standard Cent account is the type of traders who are willing to learn and explore the forex market. Standard Cent account is rather convenient because it has the safest and most stable trading environment – ideal for learning purpose. Moreover, traders can deposit as well as withdraw profits any time of their choosing.

Exness Standard account

Standard account is a kind of multi-purpose account that is suitable for almost every kind of traders. It has no minimum deposit requirement, low minimum trading volume (0.01), low spread and unlimited push. Statistic shows that traders from beginners to experts have all enjoyed their trading experience with Standard account.

Exness Pro account

Professional traders are quite a lot more efficient compared to regular traders, which is why they need some types of account that offer more flexibility and versatility, and also ensure that they can save as much trading fee as possible. For these reasons, Exness offers 2 types of account specifically for experts and professional traders, namely Pro account and Exness Zero account.

Exness account is the most popular type of account for experienced traders since it’s more convenient, little to no spread but instead the broker charges you with commission. However, there’s also one big downside to Exness Zero account which is its market. ECN market is often quite volatile, its prices fluctate rapidly and it’s no place for regular traders.

Fortunately, there’s another alternative which is Pro account. Pro account has been getting more popular recently and it’s targeted at and is for traders who want a safer trading environment while still have some of the perks of professional account such as low spread (0.1 lowest) and no commission fee. However, we’d also like to note that Pro account has a minimum deposit requirement of $2000 for the first deposit only.

So, you can see that both on Exness social trading platform and Exness trading platform, they have the suitable accounts that can meet all your needs.


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