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Once you have opened an Exness account, you will be taken back to your Exness personal area. So what are there in Exness' personal area and what do you need to know?

After creating your Exness account, log in to your account with the generated ID and password. At the Exness homepage, there is a Sign In button in the top right corner of the screen. Then you will see your entire personal are, which includes:

Exness Personal Area

My Accounts area

After entering the Exness Personal Area, the first thing you will see is your accounts (My Accounts area). It's right in the middle of the screen and lists all the trading accounts you've opened. At the top of the list are indexes that tell you if these accounts are Real or Demo. You can also see your closed accounts (Archived).

For each account, you will find the following information listed around it:

  • Is this a Real or Demo account?
  • The account's trading platform: MT4 or MT5 (Exness trading platform)
  • Exness account type of your choice: Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, Zero or Raw Spread
  • Account number for you to log into the trading platform
  • Amount of capital available in the account and its base currency
  • The button to deposit money into the account
  • The button to start trading with the account
  • The button to withdraw money from the account

In addition, next to your account there is a Settings button that helps you do the following:

  • Change the selected leverage rate for the account
  • Change the account name
  • View full information of that account: server, account number, leverage...
  • Share account viewing rights with other Exness users.
  • Change that account password
  • Archive: means close that account

If you want to open a new trading account, you can click the Open New Account button at the top of your list of accounts.

Other Tools area

On the left hand side of the screen of the Exness personal area, you will see the important tool buttons for your trading.

  • Deposit: You click this button to go to the deposit methods page to your Exness account.
  • Withdrawal: You click this button to go to the deposit methods page to your Exness account.
  • Transaction History: This is where you review the transactions that you have made on the platform of Exness broker. You can view by an optional time period or by day, week, month, year of each of your different trading accounts.
  • Analysis: This is where Exness experts give you their view of the market as well as the analysis and predictions they make. All information here is free. There is also an Economic Calendar button for you to keep track of important upcoming economic events.
  • Social Trading: this button takes you to Eness's Social Trading platform registration page. If you have already created a Social Trading Exness account, it will be located here.
  • Partner: This button is only visible if you are already registered as an Exness partner.

Fixed information in Exness Personal area

First, please note that you cannot change the following:

  • Account Type: This cannot be changed once a trading account is opened, but you can open a new trading account in your Personal Area and choose a different account type for it.
  • Account Currency: However, you can open a new trading account in your Personal Area and set it to a different account currency.
  • Account Email: You need to sign up for a brand new account for the new personal area to be set to a different email address.
  • Secret Key: The first time you contact support, you'll be assigned a secret word to help verify your identity.

And that's the main information you need to know in the Exness personal area page. Exness is one of the most reputable forex brokers in the world and their interface is considered by us to be extremely professional and easy to use.


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